Realtime Gaming Releases a New Slot Game-Bubble Bubble

It is not only the players who are excited when Realtime Gaming launches their new games, but the gaming industry also takes note of the products. Realtime Gaming, which releases the games under its banner-RTG Online Casinos has established a special niche in the industry with their innovative and quality games since 1998. Realtime Gaming within a period of two months has introduced two new slot games, which not surprisingly have become the talk of the gaming world.

Bubble Bubble

On the heels of the release of Pirate Isle, a few weeks back, Realtime Gaming has now introduced the slot game-Bubble Bubble. To coincide with Halloween, Realtime Gaming has launched the new slot game in the Halloween theme. But more than the theme what has caught the attention of all are the generous bonuses offered to the players in the new slot game. Amazing cash prizes and additional bonuses are the feature of this new slot game. Since the slot is a five reel and 50 pay line game, players naturally stand a good chance of making big money from the game.

Where to Play Bubble Bubble Slot?

The new slot game, which has received favourable reviews from both, the players as well as the critics is now available at Realtime casinos like Silver Sand, Vegas Casino online and Slotocash. Realtime Gaming has been customising the game design with the intent of providing unique content to each one of its casinos. Thus, subtle variation in the game will be seen at the different Realtime powered casinos.

The Bonuses Offered at Bubble Bubble Slot

Three types of bonuses are offered to the players by Realtime Gaming. The three types of bonuses are Bewitched, Wild Witches and Great Ghosts. These bonus games are determined by the scatter symbol provided in the slot game. Based on the scatter symbol surfacing, players are directed to one of the bonus features. The three types of bonuses listed here entitle players to different benefits. Players, therefore, look forward eagerly for the scatter symbol, which is depicted here by Magic Cauldron.

Free Spins Galore

Players who get the opportunity to play the Bewitched Bonus game are offered seven free spins. Players who end up playing the Wild Witches bonus game are luckier since they get the benefit of nine free spins! Further symbols on the other reels also turn in to wild symbols, which entitle the players to earn more bonus money. Luckiest of all players are of course those who get a chance to play the great Ghosts Bonus game. Here, players become beneficiaries of a massive 20 free spins. And that is not all, friendly ghosts, nine in all, turn themselves as wild symbols on the reels.

The Bubble Does Not Burst

Bubble Bubble slot game, thus, is truly one of a kind game where players are showered with enormous amount of bonuses. This makes it all the more appealing. If you’re also looking to try out some new and innovative slot games, then you should try this one out!

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