Reel Rush Slot

reel-rush-imageReel Rush is a popular slot game developed by the famous online gaming company, Net Entertainment. The company has a reputation of producing some of the best looking slot games in the history of online slot machines.
The slot machines produced by this company typically tend to be different and classy from the others. Before describing the background and the uniqueness of this game, we request you to put your headphones on while playing this game. The life of this game is in its sound and it dictates the whole experience in a lot of ways.

If you are a child of the late 90s, you will automatically relate to the game owing to its Mario Bros. appearance. This game has the famous candy crushing background. The latter arguably is the most popular gaming theme across gamers throughout geographies.


The background might come across as dull and not as appealing, but don’t let it fool you. This slot is one of the most captivating slots that exist in this space. The child like background looks fruity. It resembles the video gaming consoles of the 90s. Although the background may make the game look a bit childish, but in reality, it’s far from that.

The typical symbols of the Reel Rush include lemons, blackberries, watermelons and strawberries. Like all other slot games, there is a wild symbol in Reel Rush too. This is capable of substituting all other symbols and can create the final winning combination. The wild symbol can be present anywhere on the reel. This role of the wild symbol in this game has far more importance compared to other slots that you will find.

Free Spins

This is almost a long stretched bonus game. After commencing the game, a roller will realise that only 13 symbols are visible. The rest of the symbols are marked with an R symbol. The R is a very interesting concept introduced by Net Entertainment. With every win, two R will scratch themselves. Each win increases a roller’s chance of free spin and bonuses. Failure to remove the scratches will take a roller to its starting point with all the R and 13 other symbols.

Surprises for a Roller

Reel Rush is not a flashy and extravagant game, which can make a roller super rich in the blink of an eye. It is only played by people who have a lower to middle risk appetite of winning. There are no random wins. What this game does provide however, is multiple ways to win.

The free spin features are extremely exciting for rollers who are looking for a new slot experience. The Reel Rush Slot will not make huge money for you. That being said, it is capable of giving you 70 to 80 times return on your bet.

On a realistic note, a return of 50 times on your actual net is considered to be a very high winning in this game. The highest possible payout for this slot is £96,240. The average rate of return to players is close to 97%. This is very high in any slot game in this category.

The Mobile Version

Reel Rush is one of the few slot games, which has an amazing mobile platform. The playing experience in the Android or tablet version is as good as its laptop or PC counterparts. The mobile version works on the Android platform and supports the sound and graphics perfectly.

Just a small caution though-you need to ensure that your mobile browser is Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Apart from these browsers, the sound does not work well in other browsers. As stated earlier, the sound is the whole and soul of this slot game. If the sound doesn’t work, you will miss out on a real gaming experience.

Where Can You Play?

Almost all slot houses offer this game. The gaming platform which is run by NetEnt will surely house this game. Before starting off with real money, it is a good idea to try out the demo version. Once you are acquainted with the rules of the game, you can throw in some real money.

Most reputed online houses provide a handsome joining bonus. The bonus varies in the range of £20 to £40. What’s more is that, a second round of bonus is also extended to players on their second deposit. With a wide variety of payment options, Reel Rush Slot is just a few clicks away from making you money!

The Final Verdict

Although an old background and lack of feature may not be as attractive, but the real pace begins when you start winning and the sound takes its effect. The charm and the playability are superior compared to other slot games. This is a perfect recipe for those who are looking for a seamless mobile experience with an easy paced, yet simple game.

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