Royal Sevens Slot

Royal SevensAfter producing an array of happening and upbeat slots, Microgaming has come up with Royal Sevens slot. The jackpot amount is the main attraction for the punters! A generous amount of this jackpot pays out really well in favour of the slots.

In this case, 2,500 coins are up for grabs. Although, with only three reels, it does minimise the chances of forming winning combinations, the absence of a variety of symbols plays out in favour of the gamers.

The Simplistic Theme of Royal Sevens Slot

Like so many other classic slot games, Royal Sevens has a very simple theme. Mainly, if you don’t mind playing a classic-styled Vegas slot game, then you will love this slot for sure.

Playing these kinds of slot usually works out in the favour of the gaming companies because it has surprise elements, which definitely catches the punters’ eyes.

The graphics featured in Royal Sevens is clear and bright, along with the sound effects being traditional and in harmony with the theme. This slot is sure to catch your attention!

Some Fun with Numbers

Gambling is all about choosing the right numbers and playing it right! If you play smartly, you’ll be on your way to winning the jackpot of 2,500 coins offered by Royal Sevens slot.

Your winning amount is decided by the denomination of the coin that is chosen by you. Like other classic Microgaming slots, this one also offers five different coin sizes, which are $5, $2, $1, $0.50 and $0.25.

You can wager a maximum of three coins in Royal Sevens. The minimum and the maximum amount of bet is 0.25 and 15.00 respectively for each spin.

The Basic Symbols and Their Payouts

This slot is a very simple one and therefore, it does not have a lot of symbols that are usually found in other slot games.

However, it does have its fair share of exciting symbols, which are Cherries, Bars and Sevens. The number of winning combinations that can be formed in this slot is a maximum of 10. And these three mentioned symbols make up all of them.

Quite evidently, the biggest winning combinations are made by Seven. To score the biggest win, the jackpot, you need to hope that three Red Sevens appear on the pay line.

However, if you’ve not managed to score three Red Sevens, you can always rely on three Blue Sevens that can win you 240 coins-the second highest prize here!

If you’re able to land a mix of Blue and Red Sevens with a minimum of three symbols appearing on the enabled pay line, then you’ll be awarded 120 coins.

If you land Bars or Cherries, then you can get anything between six and 90 coins!

The Final Verdict

Microgaming has a way of creating the simplest, yet very engaging slots in classic style. They are a sure shot winner in the eyes of their players.

Royal Sevens is an example of this magical formula. It’s a treat for both beginners and seasoned players alike!

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