Ruby of the Nile Slot

Ruby of the NileEnjoy the magical world of Egyptian culture and traditions at Ruby of the Nile slot!

Ruby of the Nile slot is based on Egyptian culture. If you love slots that depict ancient themes and their way of life, then this one will definitely attract you!

Another great reason to even consider playing this slot is that it has two wild symbols and five scatter symbols. This is definitely something that you’ll find only in a handful of slots. So, why not take advantage of these well-paying symbols?

Designed by the gaming giant, Microgaming, Ruby of the Nile has stunning graphics, along with a melodious background score.

How do the Numbers Look?

If you have played 20 pay line slots before, you will know exactly what to expect. That being said, Ruby of the Nile slot is quite different to say the least!

Typically, 20 pay line slots extend a lot of small wins, but this one will give you many medium range wins. Moreover, five scatter symbols ensure that you have a shot at some very big wins too!

The maximum payout is a whopping 100x multiplier. The bet range is from 0.01 to 0.50 making sure that you can comfortably take part in this slot without having to compromise your budget.

You can wager up to five coins and take the maximum bet amount to 50 for a single spin.

The Fascinating Symbols of Ruby of the Nile Slot

Ankh Double and Eye of Horus Triple are the wild symbols. Ankh Double is actually the conventional wild, which helps you replace other symbols and form winning combinations. On the other hand, Eye of Horus Triple symbol can triple your bet. However, both wild symbols are incapable of substituting the scatter symbols.

The five scatter symbols that you’ll find here are Anubis, Ruby of the Nile, Treasure Chest, Queen Hathor and Falcon God Horus.

Treasure Chest is responsible for free spins and only appears on reel number 5. Wins get calculated after the scatter symbol is multiplied to it.

The Free Spin Round is the most lucrative round in this slot. You stand a chance to win up to 60,000 coins in one go. You also have the opportunity to win up to 20 coins in this round.

You need to remember that the control buttons cease to work when this feature is on. This round continues with the settings that you’ve already chosen before starting it.

The Lucrative Payouts

All slots are made up of high-paying and low-paying symbols. Ruby of the Nile, Queen Hathor, Falcon God Horus and Anubis make up the well-paying symbols of this slot. Landing any one of these will get you a maximum payout of 100x, 80x, 75x and 75x respectively.

Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten, the card symbols round off the low paying symbols in Ruby of the Nile slot and five of each can get you anything between 25 and 75 coins.

To Play or Not to Play!

Considering some of the other 20 pay line slots in the market, the paying potential of this one is way higher. Even the theme is interesting too. Ruby of the Nile slot is definitely worth a shot!

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