Ruby Reels Slot

Ruby ReelsIf you’re not too fond of diamonds and are looking for something more colourful and trendy, then rubies are the way to go!

Most precious stone themes get a lot of attention for obvious reasons-rich and exciting! That being said, Ruby Reels slot has got its due recognition and very deservingly so.

It is a Vegas-style slot designed by the gaming giant, Microgaming. This slot has the best kept secret that you will find in any slots of this type. Often gamers miss the simple logic to find the right answer, which makes the slot more interesting to play.

Facts & Figures

Like other five pay line slots, this one too has many small wins. Wagering a maximum of five coins can give you a chance to walk away with the jackpot which is worth a stupendous 5,000 coins.

The bet range of the paid version of this slot ranges from 0.25 to 5 giving you the opportunity to bet a maximum of 25 coins in a single spin!

The Prized Symbols of Ruby Reels Slot

Quite obviously, the gem, Ruby is the wild symbol in this slot. It can replace any other symbols, thus, helping you form the winning combination.

A player only gets paid for the one highest combination only. Some other symbols include Purple Seven, 1-Bar, 2-Bar and 3-Bar.

The Most Valuable Pay Lines and their Payouts

The fifth pay line has the ability to pay you the maximum number of coins, which are 5,000. The next best paying pay lines are the fourth, third, second and the first one, which pay 2500, 2000, 1500 and 1000 coins respectively.

The Various Symbols and their Payouts

Although, there are only basic symbols in Ruby Reels, you still manage to earn a decent sum of coins. While Purple 7 is the highest paying symbol, three of these can get you 80 coins in your kitty!

The various bar symbols and a minimum of three can get you between four and 60 coins.

Some Amazing Additional Features

Being a Microgaming product, Ruby Reels enjoys certain features such as different gaming modes, Bet Max, Auto Play, Spins Box, Multiple Pay Lines and much more. You will also find a free version of this game, which lets you play this game without investing a single penny.

The Final Verdict

While this is a slot that pays frequently, the lack of key features such as scatter symbols, spin or bonus games may not attract seasoned slot players. What’s more is that, there are hardly any big wins.

Similar slots have a much better paying potential than this one. Furthermore, there is hardly anything new that you will find in this slot.

On the positive side, this slot has a good theme coupled with some great artwork and graphics. The best part is the background score. The RTP is one the higher side too.

Ruby Reels slot is ideal for new slot gamers who are trying to learn the ropes of the game and looking to make some quick bucks!

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