Samurai 7s Slot

Samurai 7sSamurai 7s slot tells a tale of the Japanese warriors popularly known as the Samurai. It is a slot, which involves mystery and portrayal of bravery and loyalty.

This slot is a tribute to this incredible sport from the gaming giant, Microgaming. The hero is the warrior with a sword in his hand giving you an instant impression that he means business from the word go.

Welcome to a very entertaining slot that promises some great fun and entertainment!

A Good Mix of Old and New

This slot is a very good mix of the old Japanese tradition and the new cutting-edge slot technology. The combination may seem a bit out of place, but the slot still manages to hold its own.

You have the wild symbol to look forward to, apart from other symbols such as Shuriken, Dragon and Bars.

Getting Familiar with the Facts and Figures

This slot is purely meant for those players who love to undertake a few risks in order to win. Like other three pay line and three reels slot, this one also has limited winning options.

That being said, you will have the opportunity to win many small stakes. The jackpot is a fixed amount of 6,000 coins. The best part is that you only need to wager a single coin to stand a chance to win this amount.

The bet range is from 0.25 to 25 making sure that gamers of all budgets can play it. The highest bet amount is 75.

The Basic Symbols of Samurai 7s Slot

Seven is the wild symbol in the Samurai 7s slot. It will help you replace other symbols and also complete winning combinations.

If you manage to gather multiple wild symbols on an enabled pay line, you can form multiple winning combinations too. But you need to keep in mind that only the highest valued combination gets paid in this round.

The Awesome Payouts of Samurai 7s Slot

The third pay line pays the maximum amount of 6,000, which also happens to be the jackpot. The second and first pay line pays 3,000 and 1,500 coins respectively!

The payouts also depend on the symbols that you’re able to land. Three Shuriken symbols will get you a neat 500 coins in your kitty, while three Dragon symbols add 300 coins.

The three Bars and a combination of the three Bars can get you a maximum of 100 coins if you’re able to land at least three of each.

Exciting Features to Look Forward To

Samurai 7s slot, designed by Microgaming predictably has all the features of every other Microgaming slots. So, you’ll find some great features like Bet Max, Spins Box, Auto Play, game description and multiple pay lines that will ease your game playing experience. What’s fun is the fact that these features directly affect the game results!

The Final Verdict

Samurai 7s is one of the best low range slots you will come across. Although the payouts are a bit less as compared to other Microgaming slots, the slot is so engaging that you will have a good time for sure. It definitely makes sense to try it out once!

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