Sand Storm Slot

Sand StormImagine you’re stuck in a stand storm in the middle of the desert! Scary and quite intimidating, isn’t it?

Well, thankfully, if you’re in the middle of the Sand Storm slot, expect nothing less than excitement and big bucks! If you think exploring the desert means blistering heat, hectic winds and harsh sand, you may want to think twice because virtually, it’s a completely different experience!

Sand Storm designed by Microgaming is a slot where your camel will be your constant companion in your treasure hunt.

The slot starts in the middle of a sandstorm where you’ll suddenly find yourself alone. The man in the purple turban is the avatar, which will be portrayed on the screen. From then on, an exciting journey awaits you!

The Thrilling Theme of Sand Storm Slot

Microgaming has done a superb job when it comes to the animation and the graphics of Sand Storm slot. The ambience perfectly matches the theme and the gaming giant has certainly been able to capture the mood of the slot thoroughly.

Notably, there are not too many features to talk about, but being a three pay line slot; this is the best that you can hope for.

However, there is an advantage in this slot; you can expect frequent small wins, unlike the flashy multiple pay line games.

Facts & Figures

Being only a three pay and three reels slot, you need to make the most of your opportunity to walk away with some mind-blowing rewards.

4,000 coins is the jackpot amount, which means you have the option of using Bet Max that will automatically place the maximum amount as bet or you can manually place the required amount to be eligible for the jackpot.

The coin range is from 0.25 to 5, 15 being the highest bet amount for a single spin. Player’s familiar with the slot reveal that the RTP for this slot is actually quite high. So, you can expect pretty good returns!

The Generous Payouts

Out of all the pay lines, the best paying one is the third one. You can win 4,000 coins followed by the second and first pay lines that pay 2,000 and 1,000 coins respectively.

The various symbols also pay quite well. If you manage to land three Red Sevens, then you can expect a credit of 150 coins in your coin. Camel, the king of the desert is another symbol that you need to keep an eye out for. Getting three of them will instantly pay you a cool 75 coins.

However, don’t be disheartened if you’re not able to land these symbols because there are a few more that can still pay you a decent amount. 1-Bar, 2-Bar, 3-Bar and a mix of these three can get you up to 50 coins if the stopped reels manage to get three of each!

The Final Verdict

Sand Storm slot has a very engaging theme and for most parts, it will grab your attention!

If you love the desert, you will certainly love the slots as well. Payouts are frequent and with a little luck you can make decent money in less time.

However, the biggest drawback is the lack of features. You will hardly find anything, which guarantees a stack of money in one shot. Especially when similar slots available from Microgaming promise to be much better!

Although, Sand Storm slot doesn’t have a huge jackpot, the maximum winning of 4,000 coins should be a good enough reason to try it out!

Set against a sandy landscape, camels popping up on the screen and its handler in the purple turban calling out to you, Sand Storm slot seems quite interesting and electrifying! Play it at least once for the experience.

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