Sir Winsalot Slot

Sir WinsalotIn the online casino industry, Microgaming is one of the most popular software providers. Microgaming has achieved such a great standard in the market that the players’ expectations reach new heights whenever they find a slot developed by Microgaming.

Basically, it provides all kinds of slots for the excited punters, starting from the classic ones to the attractive and fun ones.

One such attractive slot is Sir Winsalot. With five reels, it provides the player five chances to form multiple winning combinations. But unlike many other slot games, it has 20 pay lines, which immensely maximises the player’s chances to win.

Obviously, the theme of the slot holds a special attraction, but the generous jackpots in this one is the most important contributing factor for drawing players in.

The Unique Theme of Sir Winsalot Slot

It has a unique theme, which will take you back to the medieval times. Players can get a feel of being a knight in those medieval lands. Golden treasure and mystical swords will greet you in this slot.

While playing this slot, you’ll get an amazing feeling of riding around with the most fun and beautiful women and drinking beer from the barrel, while you search for the path, which leads to the grand prize.

It will most definitely feel like a nice old-fashioned treasure hunt. In addition to this spectacular theme, Sir Winsalot has smooth animation and stunning graphics, which is sure to catch your eye. What’s more is that, the invigorating sound effects are in perfect harmony with the theme!

Facts & Figures

The jackpots are the main attraction of any slot game, and Sir Winsalot slot is no exception to that. The highest offering jackpot amount is of 1,000 coins, while 500 coins and 750 coins are the two other jackpots.

The denominations for this game start from 0.01 and go up till 0.25 for each pay line. A player can wager a maximum of five coins for every pay line bet. The minimum and the maximum amount that can be bet is 0.01 and 25.00 respectively for each spin.

The Exciting Symbols of Sir Winsalot Slot

The symbols in this slot are designed in such a way that the players will have a smooth and authentic experience of treasure hunting during the medieval times.

Some of these symbols are Goblet, Musician, Knight, Jester, Wizard, Treasure Trunk, Castle, Sir Winsalot Logo, Princess, Roast Pig and King.

Among these various symbols, a few are a little more important than the others. For instance, Sir Winsalot logo acts as the wild symbol in this slot and can replace all the other regular symbols for completing winning combinations.

But an exception to this rule applies only for the Castle and Party All Knight Tankard symbols because these two represent scatter symbols. These two symbols need not appear in the form of a line on a pay line, which is enabled to score a win. Upon hitting five wild symbols players can win themselves the grand jackpot, while the scatter symbols are a sure shot way to win free spins!

The Free Spins Bonus Feature

The free spins bonus feature called Beer Fest gets activated when three or more Party All Knight Tankard symbol appears scattered anywhere on the five reels. During the course of this amazing feature, a player can bag a win of a maximum of 6,000 coins!

Needless to say, this feature adds to the popularity of this slot.

The Final Verdict

Based during the medieval times when knights rescued damsels in distress, Sir Winsalot slot comes as a breath of fresh air and helps you find the treasure quite easily.

Play this one merely for the theme and the crazy jackpot!

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