Skill Based Casino Games to Grace Nevada Soon!

In Nevada, casino lovers can now expect to see arcade style slot machines in the coming year. According to recent reports, the Nevada Gaming Control Board has focused on setting a legal language that makes the winnings possible on skill-based slot machines. With this language, players will be able to create the best winning combinations and earn rewards. However, these changes still require the assent of the Nevada Gaming Commission.

In the third week of September, Nevada Gaming Commission, the five member regulatory board will decide upon the new language for the casino gaming purposes. In addition to this, the various slot makers are expected to highlight their innovations in the Annual Global Gaming Expo. Eric Meyerhofer, the CEO of Gamblit Gaming remarked that further discussion will be held only after the changes have been approved. Eric’s company has been into tailoring various skill-based games. More than one player can play these games at a time, as is the case with games like Battleship and Angry Birds, for instance.

In the Words of Meyerhofer

Eric Meyerhofer has made it clear that once the game submission process is accomplished, skill based video gambling will be introduced in the casinos in early or mid 2016. The changes in the casino industry will lead to simplification of rules governing the theme of all the games in the casino. The rules that earlier limited the casino appeal to the younger generation will also be simplified a bit. According to the new proposal, nothing that is obscene or offensive will be allowed. Further, no actions will be encouraged that support discrimination on the basis of race, religion, caste, sexual orientation and nationality. The rule will also restrict the game makers not to exploit any themes based on the products meant for the younger generation under 21 years of age.

Need for Skill Based Games

The basic reason behind the need for skill-based casino games is the decreasing revenues of casino. The facts reveal that the casino revenues have fallen from $12.9 billion to $11 billion. This is because that the casinos are unable to attract the attention of the younger lot. The millennial want more than just a button that spins the reels. Since they are more comfortable with the games on their smartphones, they want skill-based games. Keeping this in mind, the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers has insisted that the Gaming Control Board design rules that that can make skill-based games livelier and introduce more elements of skill.

The changes in the casino games have not been introduced yet. Players are still waiting to see what the new games will look like. The developers have only launched a digital pinball machine and shooter games. According to the new rules, the Chairman has the flexibility to waive off the technical standards for any game. Therefore, it is still unknown how radical the new concepts will be. The entire casino industry and the younger generation are looking forward to experience the new casino gaming world.

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