Sky Betting and Gaming in Collaboration with OpenWager Platform Launch Sky Hollywood Slots

Sky Hollywood SlotsSocial gaming has taken a huge step forward in the past few years. You will find new offerings online on various platforms. Ever since the monetisation of social gaming more and more players have been playing games socially.

While the progress of social gaming hasn’t been as fast as one would have hoped for, it is slowly, but surely making its way among stiff competitions from mobile and online gaming.

A recent development saw Sky Betting and Gaming announcing a new social casino offering in collaboration with OpenWager Platform.

The UK headquartered Sky Betting has been in the online casino industry for decades. It has successfully launched brands such as Sky Vegas, Sky Bingo, Sky Poker and Sky Bet under its umbrella.

A private equity company in the name of CVC Capital Partners has bought a majority stake in Sky Gaming worth approximately ₤800 million. The private equity firm has a valuation, which is close to a massive ₤46 billion. This strong association of Sky Betting will surely give the company enough financial muscle to tweak its new development project.

OpenWager Platform, on the other hand, is a B2B partner delivering casino-style entertainment company. Headquartered in San Francisco, this company was founded in 2013. Since then the company has grown from strength to strength.

Presently it has offices in Hungary, Romania, Burcharest and Budapest. OpenWager specialises in developing, publishing and operating customised social casino products.

The new venture by these two companies known as Sky Hollywood Slots will roll out a number of new titles that will be available on various mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. This can be accessible through tablets as well.

Sky Bet’s head of social gaming, Bruce Bale was heard as saying that the company wants to explore the exciting world of social gaming. With hands on experience in real money gambling, this is a field, which is the next avenue for the company.

Bale also said that there are some unique features about social gaming, which is absent in other formats. Bale was enthusiastic about the partnership and remarked that OpenWager will bring years of social gaming experience on board and this perfectly complements the endeavour of the company to target players residing in Canada, Australia, West Europe and Asia.

John Cahill, CEO, OpenWager remarked that this association will raise the bar of social gaming and that together both the companies will roll out titles, which will be entirely different from other social games available around.

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