Slot Game Designer, Konami Gaming Turns to the Health Care Industry for Inspiration!

Japanese video game designer, Konami Gaming has turned to the most unusual source for designing its slot machines. It has collaborated with Karten Design, a medical devices specialist, when creating its latest slot machine. The slot machine in question, Concerto video slot machine, was introduced to an impressed audience of gaming industry professionals during the Global Gaming Expo held in Las Vegas in September 2015. Incidentally, the machine’s predecessor was also a big hit with gamers and there was a lot of excitement to find out whether Konami would be able to top that.

Karten Design has definitely done a great job with the Konami Concerto machine since there are many similarities in designing for health care and gaming. To start with, both industries are highly regulated. This makes it necessary to develop a product that is attractive and easy to use, while also staying within the limits set by the industry constraints. Karten Design is well known for its ability to design innovative products that satisfy the requirements listed above.

Stuart Karten, the head of this award winning design firm said that he prefers to approach design in a holistic manner because this results in a machine that isn’t only good looking, but is also able to provide a superb user experience. It goes without saying that this approach has been used in the case of the Konami gaming machine as well and this is what makes it special. The design of the product doesn’t only attract customers, but it also encourages them to engage with it and use it repeatedly.

Konami Gaming’s move shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody since a lot of money and effort goes into the designing of slot machines. These machines are the mainstay of casinos, and they bring in more than 75% of the casinos’ revenues, thanks to their ease of play and big pay outs. In fact, their design has changed tremendously over the years and it is very clear that additional changes are in the offing.

It is not at all easy to design a slot machine that stands out from the others in a casino. After all, these machines are all very attractive and festooned with lights. Karten’s design has succeeded in attracting attention thanks to the machine’s drip-down look, inspired by car headlights that give the vehicle a unique look. There are holographic lights bordering the machine and they become brighter as the gaming action goes into top gear. The new slot machine is also very comfortable to use thanks to extra leg room, which is a major plus given that people tend to sit in one place playing games over extended periods. The comfort of this slot machine ensures that customers don’t get up on account of sheer tiredness.

While the design of the slot machine is indeed very important, what will really keep players hooked to slot games is the quality of the games themselves. The gaming industry is putting a lot of effort into this area and the games that are available these days are exciting and rewarding.

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