Sonic Boom Slot

Sonic BoomAs far as classic slots are concerned, Microgaming has the biggest offerings in the market. It is true that players usually look for slots with more glitz and razzmatazz, but conclusions can be drawn that it gives the gaming companies the convenience of surprise elements. It helps to draw in more gamers!

Sonic Boom from the house of Microgaming is one such slot that will leave you spellbound! Although this slot has only three reels and may not seem like that it can make you a lot of money, the truth is far from it.

The lack of reels is compensated well by including a pay table, which is two-tiered! It is indeed a simple classic slot, but what sets it apart from the other classic ones in the same genre is the feature of multiplying wilds. This allows players to increase their winnings by 4x!

Another huge reason for playing Sonic Boom is the jackpot amount that it offers. An impressive amount of 2,500 coins are up for grabs for those who dare to risk and bet!

The Aggressive Theme of Sonic Boom Slot

Being a classic slot, Sonic Boom has a background, which is designed in traditional Vegas style. It features a theme of jet fighting.

While playing this slot, you will notice that the logo, pay table and the reels all are shown on a single screen, which ensures that you don’t need to toggle between screens only to get some information. Everything is displayed on one screen, which is a huge convenience for the gamers.

In spite of all details on one screen, it still has plenty of space to accommodate the large logo. The logo of this game features a graphic of a jet plane, which breaks the barrier of sound leaving Sonic Boom inscribed behind.

The whole look and feel of this slot is very retro and that’s why it goes completely well with its classic theme. The clear and bright graphics and conventional sound effects make this game worth your while!

Playing with Numbers

Betting and gambling is all about getting your numbers right!

The jackpot of this slot is a very generous amount of 2,500 coins, which effectively amounts to a cool $12,500 in cash.

The maximum coins that you can wager here are two. The coin sizes offered by this slot start from 0.05 and go up till 5.00.

The minimum and the maximum amount that can be bet is 0.05 and 10.00 for every spin. Like all other Microgaming slots, you can play Sonic Boom either by using real money or for free. If you’re a newbie, playing for free can get you acquainted with the slot without being too heavy on your pocket!

Sonic Boom-The Wild Multiplier Symbol

Sonic Boom is the wild multiplier symbol. It functions in two ways, while being an alternative for all the other regular symbols; it also ends up multiplying the payout of the winning combinations.

Occurrence of one Sonic Boom symbols doubles the payout amount, whereas appearance of two Sonic Boom symbol quadruples it! This feature alone is enough to garner the interest of most punters out there.

That being said, only a single winning combination gets paid. In case of multiple winning combinations, you get paid only for the highest one!

The Final Verdict

Even though the theme and the title are action-packed and daring, since it’s only a three reel slot, it fails to keep you on the edge of your seat. However, the additional feature of the wild multiplier and a great jackpot amount more than makes up for the lack of adventure in Sonic Boom slot!

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