Sons of Anarchy Slot Machine Kick Starts Next Week

Sons of AnarchyIt was when the producers of the popular television series, Sons of Anarchy, saw a slot machine game based on another series being unveiled at a gaming convention that they decided to be a part of this fantasy world.

Aristocrat Technologies has brought this story of an action-packed outlaw motorcycle club to the casinos with their latest slot game Sons of Anarchy.

Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller, the lead character of this FX show, along with Clay, Gemma and Tara will be seen as a part of the game from next week, which is sure to enhance this TV series’ fan base.

And so, at the Global Gaming Expo next week in Las Vegas, this slot machine is all set to bedazzle the world with its special features, ultra cool graphics and a sizzling jackpot. It is a multi-site progressive game and if the gaming company is to be believed, it can make you the lucky winner of $500,000 prize!

The game revolves around the past and present characters of this show and makes an appearance in every aspect of this soon-to-be-launched game. Scenes were specially created and shot by the show’s production team, which could be used in the slot game that features the motorcycle club of a fictional town in the California Central Valley.

Normal slot games require symbols to be lined up in a special sequence, but this game only doles out bonus points if cluster (or groups) of the characters are created across the reels.

This concept of creating clusters to win bonus credits is a relatively new feature. The bonus round of Sons of Anarchy also lets the player exercise a special option of ‘risk everything’ in lieu of a chance to win a bigger payout.

Interestingly, the team, which has developed the Sons of Anarchy slot machine, have also previously produced a similar slot machine for another TV series, Walking Dead.

Aristocrat’s vice-president of Gaming Operations, Dallas Orchard, recounts how the producers of Sons of Anarchy insisted on having the same team to work on this slot machine.

Even if players have not seen a single episode of this series, the storyline of the game is such that they will still enjoying playing it. This is a step forward in bringing in a larger fan base for Sons of Anarchy, at the same time, pulling the existing fans towards trying their hand at gambling.

With talks of a possible movie and a spinoff series already in progress, the future of this slot game looks bright!

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