Spectacular Slot

SpectacularA stunning and magnificent experience awaits you at Spectacular Slot!

If you have played two pay line slots before you will know that the overall payout of most slots remains similar irrespective of the promises made. Slots in this category usually pay in small amounts, but the paying frequency tends to be more!

Apart from this, slots of this nature are often targeted towards newbies who are just getting their feet wet in the gambling and betting industry. They can take fewer risks and end up winning a steady amount.

However, Spectacular slot is different from the others in many ways. Not only is the paying frequency high, but it is also a Vegas-themed slot complete with gorgeous showgirls, glitz and glamour!

The Jazzy Theme of Spectacular Slot

Designed by Microgaming, Spectacular slot has a Vegas touch along with shows, fun and winnings. Microgaming has kept this simple and straight. This is an outright entertainer.

You won’t find fancy animation and high definition graphics, but it has enough not to bore you. The reels are designed in line with the theme of the slot. The background music is slow and pleasing to the ears.

Facts and Figures

The jackpot amount is a fixed amount worth 5,000 coins followed by a second highest payout of 2,000 coins. This is great considering there are only three reels and a single pay line!

The bet range lies within 0.25 to 5 giving you enough flexibility to bet. The maximum wagering amount is two coins.

You can use the Bet Max feature that is available in all Microgaming slots to give yourself maximum chances to win the jackpot. The highest wagering amount is 10, thus, making it easy for you to go all in!

The Magnificent Symbols of Spectacular Slot

Spectacular logo is the wild symbol. It not only replaces other symbols, but it also makes sure that your stake is doubled.

Multiple wild symbols can form winning combinations. That being said, you need to keep in mind that only the highest valued combination is paid by the house.

Some of the other symbols that you will come across in this slot are Admission Ticket, Different Bars and Blue Seven.

The Stupendous Payouts

Slots are always made up of a few high paying and a few low paying symbols. If your intention is only winning, then look out for the Spectacular symbol. Landing three of those will get you richer by 5,000 coins.

If you get three Blue Seven symbols, then you’ll get 200 coins. Landing three 1-Bar, 2-Bar and 3-Bar each can get you up to 100 coins!

Some Amazing Features to Look Forward to

Spectacular slot has some great features that you can take advantage of. If you’ve ever played a Microgaming slot before, you probably know about them already.

If not, then certain features that you can look forward to in Spectacular slot are Bet Max, Auto Play, Spins Box, two gaming modes and much more! These advanced features make Spectacular slot even more spectacular!

Final Thoughts

Overall, Spectacular is a great slot that all slot players will appreciate and enjoy playing. What’s more is that, it has RTP of 96%, which is more than most other slots out there.

Three reels, one pay line and tons of rewards make this slot absolutely ideal and entertaining!

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