Terminator 2 Slot

Terminator 2Inspired by the extremely popular 1991 American sci-fi thriller, Terminator 2: Judgement Day comes a slot from the house of Microgaming!

Be prepared to go down that road again as Sarah Connor and her son, John fight against the advanced Terminator sent back from the future, with the help of a less advanced Terminator, also from the future, come back only to protect John.

Microgaming has turned to famous movies like The Godfather and Jurassic Park for inspiration, however, with this slot it has maintained the same storyline much to the surprise of all the players.

Judging by the response and the reaction of players, it definitely looks like Microgaming has struck gold with Terminator 2 slot.

Getting Started with Terminator 2 Slot

This slot is completely inspired from the movie and as you start playing, you’ll realise how much you’re reminded of the original movie. Remember Hasta la Vista baby and I’ll be back? If not, you’ll be, as clips from the film are played in this slot.

A splendid display of graphical magic and perfect sound ensures that the essence of this famous movie remains all through the game.

Comprising of 243 lines, Terminator 2 slot is a high volatile game. That being said, it is one of those slots, which has a very high winning percentage of over 95%. However, with volatility comes risk too. Being a high payout slot, there is every possibility that you may lose hands down. So, be cautious while betting! But then again, where’s the fun of gambling if you don’t win some or lose some?

The Exciting Rewards that Await You

The base game has something called as non-winning spins. They can activate the T-800 Vision feature. As you progress in this game, you can relive it though the eyes of the Terminator and scan and destroy your targets. Every time you disintegrate a high-end character, you’ll be given cash rewards.

Out of all the symbols, T-1000 can give you the biggest cash bonus ever. So, be sure to scan this one as soon as you spot it!

Another symbol that you may want to keep an eye for is the scatter symbol, for even one of these can trigger the Free Spins round for you.

The Free Spins Round

The moment you land in this round, the background changes and you’re given 10 free spins, along with an opportunity to win in 1,204 ways.

The next interesting bit is the transformation of the T-1000 functionality in this round. When it’s part of a winning spin, it can change to any character symbol to give you much better chances of forming winning combos.

The Final Verdict

If you’ve been a fan of the Terminator movie series, then you don’t need any more reason to play this slot. For others, 10 free spins, 2,950 times your stake, 1,204 ways to win and a great game play experience should be enough reasons to try your luck with this slot!

Additionally, you’ll also get a chance to view some clips from the actual movie and follow the lives of Sarah Connor and her son, John! There could be no better reason than this to give this one a shot!

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