The Australian Manages to Become the Readers’ Favourite!

Since its inception in 1964, The Australian has been the favourite newspaper for the public of the island continent. Providing unbiased and accurate version of stories as they unfold both nationally and internationally, The Australian has established a profound trust among its readers. The newspaper offers a complete package to the readers with its news on national events, business reviews, sports, art, travel, lifestyle and international news like slot tournaments, sports betting and much more. In tune to the digital age, The Australian is even available on the online platform.

A Bonanza for Subscribers

Subscribers to The Australian are provided various options from subscribing only to the online content or digital news with weekend newspapers or digital news with six day newspaper copies. Further, the subscribers can access the digital content from different platforms like desktop, mobile phones or tablets. Such options have made the subscribers comfortably read the latest news from their hand held devices once they are out of their bed in the morning. It is, in fact, not only the morning news; subscribers get updates on the news events through the day once the Daily Edition app is downloaded to their devices.

In fact, the subscribers also have access to premium articles and other content, which the non-subscribers aren’t permitted to read. With the gaming and gambling industry news part of the premium content, it certainly pays to be able to get information about the industry in Australia as well. The best part is that any one from any part of the world looking for details about the Australian gambling industry can subscribe and get full-blown access to what’s happening down under!

The Subscription Rewards

When subscribed to The Australian, one gets automatic membership to Australian Plus, which provides ring-side view of all the critical news with direct inputs from the news editors. Subscription also entitles one to get attractive monthly offers. Subscribers to The Australian are further treated to awesome weekend articles on a variety of subjects including, leisure, travel, fashion and arts. Complete access is provided to the subscribers of The Australian to the features of business under the banner Business Spectator.

Answers to FAQs

To clarify the frequently asked queries of the potential subscribers answers are provided on the web page of The Australian. In an effort to give subscribers a right to cancel subscription at any time, The Australian offers refund of money on a pro-rata basis. Similarly, to enable readers to get uninterrupted news, subscription are automatically renewed too, unless specifically instructed otherwise by the subscribers. The easy terms of subscription suits subscribers who wish to change plans of subscription midway during their subscription, without having to wait for their period of subscription to end.

Subscription Extended to Family and Friends

Subscription on the digital platform to The Australian means that up to seven family members or friends residing in the same address as the subscriber could also access the internet content of the newspaper. Such features have made it very attractive to gift subscription of The Australian to near and dear ones. Digital subscription of The Australian is the best way to keep in touch with the happening in the island continent to those who travel or reside out of the country for one reason or the other.

Benign Customer Care

Utmost customer care is provided to the subscribers of The Australian to make it an exciting experience to stay connected with the news about Australia and around.

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