The Big Bang Theory Slot Machine Unveiled!

The flexibility that slot games provide the game designers in offering new games on various themes has undoubtedly made the game a favourite of both, the designers and the players. The latest theme adopted by Aristocrat Technologies is the Big Bang Theory television series, which had the privilege of being on top of the charts of the viewer ratings continuously. Recently, the game was premiered at San Diego by Aristocrat Technologies who took nearly two years to perfect their product.

A Game for the Big Bang Stars

Aristocrat Technologies naturally wished that the slot game, at first, be enjoyed by the popular stars of the television series. Hence, the slot game was exclusively showcased to the team of Big Bang. Incidentally, the slot game has featured several video clips of the famous series as bonus offers to the players. To further ensure that nothing is missed out by the fans of the series during the promotional road shows carried out by the company; Aristocrat Technologies deputed their designers along.

A Massive Initial Response

Aristocrat Technologies as well as the fans are not very surprised to see the early surge in support for the new slot game. The Big Bang Theory slot game is, in fact, being offered in three sizes to offer a great choice to the players. Other than in Nevada, the Big Bang Theory slot game has been made available in many casinos across regions including California, Midwest and Southern regions.

Buoyed by the public response, Aristocrat Technologies plans to put up the Big Bang Theory slot game as its showpiece game at the ensuing G2E Expo. This is in contrast to what had been the case at the Global Expo, where the game was hardly given any visibility by the company.

Aristocrat’s Formula

The winning formula that the game designing company from Australia has devised is to offer to the players an extension of entertainment obtained in the television serials. Thus, following the successful path of designing slot games based on popular serials like Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead, now Aristocrat Technologies has recreated the Big Bang Theory series as a slot game. Since Aristocrat has chosen a television serial that has been on air for nearly nine years as their theme, the game is being restricted to the episodes of the first few years only. Also, to avoid confusion the game has been designed primarily on the prominent characters of the serial.

The Big Bang Theory Signature in the Slot Game

To provide the players a perfect atmosphere of the serial, Aristocrat Technologies has left no stone unturned. The company has roped in Emmy award star, Parsons to enact the character of Dr. Sheldon Cooper. The highlight, however, is the perfect style and modulation Parson translates in uttering the signature phrase, Bazinga of his character Sheldon Cooper to let the players soak in the memory of the television serial. Aristocrat Technologies, thus, has succeeded in providing players with an entertaining slot game while also reminiscing the television serial that they had enjoyed thoroughly for such a long period of time.

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