The Game of Thrones Can be Played as a Slot Game Now!

While it is not surprising to see fantasy-based story or game capturing the imagination of the general public, what actually takes the cake is that a writer who for over 30 years had been quietly writing short stories has all of a sudden switched to writing fantasy thrillers. The writer in question is none other than George R.R. Martin, whose works on fantasy novels have in a very big way gained high levels of popularity and acceptance.

Martin Gains Nomination

The ultimate feather in the cap of the writer could be the nomination he has gained in the annual award list put out by Hugo and Nebula. Further, by being a part of the first episode of the highly successful, television series, Outer Limits, the writer’s reputation cascaded to new heights. The 1990s were highly productive years as a writer for Martin. His works, The Songs of Ice & Fire and the Game of Thrones were written and published during these years.

The Incredible Journey Through Fame

The Game of Thrones, incidentally, was picked up by several others for recreating their product categories like board games, role playing games and video games, thereby, testifying how popular the title was among the various users. It is thus, not surprising in the least that the theme has now progressed to its next destination, online casinos. With game designers on a look out for popular themes to develop their online games, the fantasy thriller, Game of Thrones offered them the right recipe to come up with an online slot game.

Thrones on the Microgaming Platform

The deal struck between HBO and Microgaming has meant that online casino slot game with Game of Thrones theme is now available at leading online casinos like Royal Vegas. Players wishing to play the slot game either for free or with real money can look for online casinos run by Microgaming software and enjoy the fantasy theme unveiled in the slot machine. Microgaming has produced an amazing audio and video game on the theme, which makes quite it compelling for the players to watch and take pleasure in watching the characters-three eyed-raven and white walker that make an appearance in the game.

How the Game May Unfold?

The game, which has been creating ripples ever since it was unveiled late last year is all likely to see further spurt in the popularity charts, thanks to the huge in-roads the fantasy story as well as its characters have been making on the various social media platforms. Since the author is renowned for bringing an abrupt end to all his characters, it is speculated that the game might at best proceed to the seventh stage, before the characters meet their fatal end, thereby, putting an end to the saga of this fantasy game. Since it is the accepted maxim that all good things come to an end, the Game of Thrones could after all end too!

Have you played the Game of Thrones slot before? What do you think of it and how does it compare to its TV series?

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