The Lucky Double Jackpot Winner at Royal Panda Casino!

Royal Panda casino was in the news recently. It catapulted to fame and garnered attention from people all over the globe for its amazing jackpot prize that was won by one of its members, Marco (casino name). He won almost €10,000 in a single week. It may come as a shock and surprise both, but the news is completely true. We tell you how Marco hit the jackpot twice in a week and the expected possibilities of other players to win the same.

Marco-The Progressive Jackpot Winner

Marco initially won €6,936. After a few days, he won another €5,688. He won both these amounts in a Quickfire-deployed slot game, Turbo Max Power, and has become one of the rarest gamblers to win this much amount in a single week. Although the amount is not as huge as other developers have offered, but winning such an amount twice in the same week is definitely a big deal. In the casino, Marco played this three reel fruit themed classic video slot with five pay lines and placed a bet of only €2 on every pay line. Both the times when he played, he made the best winning combination of three blue Turbo Max Power symbols!

Further, Marco got the chance of hitting the progressive jackpot and because he was on a lucky streak anyway, in the Bonus Game Multiplier Wheel, he landed the Red Max Power symbol. Both the turns were played amazingly well. According to the guidelines of the game, the Progressive Jackpot Bonus is released only when a player lands on the Red Turbo Max power segment of the spin wheel. Since the win is not so easy, Marco’s double winning has amazed all the gamblers and casinos.

About Turbo Max Power Online Slot

JPM Interactive is known for developing the slot for online casinos. The game is further distributed by Microgaming and JPM is the most famous slot machine brand offering fruit-themed slot games. The games are usually offered in the UK pubs and in all the high streets betting outlets. Royal Panda is one such casino that offers JPM games.

While talking about winning the progressive jackpot, an individual can win it by spinning the Wheel of Fortune virtually. It is further categorised into different segments with varying value multipliers. When the wheel lands on the Red Turbo Power Max segment, the player wins the Progressive Jackpot amount. The highest value that a player can win from the Bonus Game Multiplier is 50x. If the player does not hit the jackpot, they are rewarded with the bonus amount that is equal to the bet amount that has been placed on the spin triggering the bonus game.

If you are also planning to try your hands at Turbo Max Power online slot, then you can go through the guidelines and understand it first. While everyone can not be as lucky as Marco to hit the progressive jackpot twice in a week, you can always try to create the best winning combinations and win a significant amount here!

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