TMZ’s Harvey Levin Introduces Brand New Slot Game

Gaming major, IGT has a whole lot of fantastic games to choose from, but its brand new TMZ-themed game offers something truly special to die-hard slot games fans. As a matter of fact, the new game is an important part of the company’s strategy to capture the younger generation of customers who haven’t yet taken to slot games in a big way because they prefer to get their entertainment from video games and social media. The TMZ game was launched at the recently conducted Global Gaming Expo at The Venetian in Las Vegas. The new game will hit casino floors early in 2016.

The TMZ video slot game is going to be a sure-fire hit since it closely follows the site that is very popular with the current generation because it feeds their obsession with the doings and carrying-on’s of celebrities. This isn’t just a regular slot game; it permits players to take their photographs, which are then uploaded and used in the game, giving them the feeling of being inside the game as they play it. People love reading about celebrities so much that they will also enjoy feeling like a celebrity themselves. Funnily enough, they literally get their 15 minutes of fame when they play this game!

The game also features snippets from TMZ’s hot and happening newsroom as well as a virtual tour of Hollywood’s most iconic destinations in a tour bus. The game pays homage to all the people who have shaped pop culture in the last decade or so. The TMZ game has been developed in association with Warner Brothers. The show’s producer, Harvey Levin has also played a role in developing the game and giving it an authentic feel. He has recorded voiceover content for the game and has also provided photographs to add value to the show. He also provided plenty of creative input to make the game really interesting.

Levin is very popular with people who are fascinated with celebrity gossip and his television newsroom is one of the most recognisable ones thanks to his immense fan following. The success of the show can actually be attributed to his big personality that is completely in contrast with his short height, as well as the aggressive, yet humorous way in which celebrity gossip is aired. Trained to be a lawyer, his true calling is very obviously in the world of entertainment and he has made an immense success of himself.

Slot game enthusiasts are sure to enjoy playing the TMZ game when it does hit the gaming floors. This is a larger than life game that has a very large and attractive screen. It has extremely exciting graphics and it also has a whole lot of bonus features that make it easy for players to get wins. In fact, it has three bonus rounds featuring popular Hollywood hotspots, and players have a good chance of getting big payouts if they play these rounds, without even having to wager a large amount of money every time they play.

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