Very First Online Gambling License Awarded by Island of Jersey

Island of JerseyIsland of Jersey, which is the largest of the Channel Islands, located in Normandy, France, has created history by giving out its first ever online gambling license to Twelve40, which is an online lottery software company.

Main Objective of Twelve40

The main aim of Twelve40 is to take into consideration all the small sized and the medium sized lotteries from all around the world and add an extra element to the operators that currently, only give away physical tickets. The element is disguised in the form of various tickets (virtual) and scratch cards, which can be availed online.

The Gambling License

The gambling license was in par with Article 12, part 12 of Jersey gambling law 2012, which has been provided to Twelve40 by Jersey Gambling Commission. They are the technical body responsible for all gambling on the Island, both online and physical land based. Their main motive is to protect the customers and ensure fairness in gambling.

Rules and Regulations

The Jersey Gambling Commission ensures that the customers remain safe and protected and hence, it demands a guarantee from the operators regarding techniques used to deal with problems related to gambling and stern age verification methods.

The Director of Twelve40, Steve Hickson mentioned that the company had successfully matched all the requirements that are mandatory to get licensed. He also stated that the commission was quite helpful and supportive throughout the process till they actually obtained the license.

Does Jersey have the potential to be the new Malta?

Jason Lane who is the chief executive of Jersey Gambling Commission has blamed the alterations made in the United Kingdom’s gambling licensing system, which has caused companies to switch to Jersey as a preventive method.

This also means that the Island has potential to become the next gaming or iGaming hub, very similar to Malta. Jersey has also shook hands with Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority by signing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to make its intentions very clear and straightforward, which is to grant licenses related to online gambling.

It continues to look very promising and there is enough potential, which can see Jersey go through all odds to become the new Malta.

Looking at the pace it has picked up, it would be safe to say that as the years progress, it would no longer be surprising to see more gambling applications to Jersey Gambling Commission.

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