When You Find Out what this Governor Did, It will Shock You!

Good news is here for all the casino gaming fans. Governor, Brian Sandoval, has signed the bill allowing ‘slot machines with a skill factor’. Backed by Nevada gaming equipment industry, the bill was approved a few days ago.

What is the Bill About?

The bill allows all the gaming regulators of the state to follow rules of adding an arcade style and skill based element to the slot machines.

It was basically proposed by the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) and came in to the limelight due to the interim study committee. This committee was dedicated to analyse the effects of technology on gaming and thus, suggested the need of a new bill.

In an interview, the governor made it clear that the bill renders an opportunity to the casinos to include games based on skill. It will not only captivate the attention of new generation of visitors, but it will also raise the standards of the casino gaming, he adds.

Sandoval was determined when he remarked that it is crucial to evolve, expand and embrace the technology of 21st century in order to survive in the competitive gaming industry.

Reasons for the Bill

The main idea behind approving the bill was to develop the slot machines that involve a skill element and some attractive features to keep the gamers’ passion intact.

Nevada Gaming Commission has been given the responsibility of drafting the rules and regulations to ensure the development of technology.

To add on, the bill also permits all the gaming manufacturers to utilise state-of-the-art technology to meet the demands and challenges of a much more engaged and younger visitor demographic.

Furthermore, AGEM has evaluated that gamblers can play a slot machine that has 88% pay, back but the percentage may increase if the gamer is an expert in video skill games.

For instance, leaving the players far behind in a road race or shooting down enemy airplanes in the minimum time.

It adds that the introduction of the new bill will certainly increase the number of players who prefer playing non-gambling games and arcade games in Nevada. It will also have a direct material financial impact on the results of the game.

In the Words of the Governor…

Sandoval mentions that the approval of this bill is surely a very significant step forward in rendering latest opportunities to the gaming industry.

It will lead to better progress and will ensure that Nevada remains to be the international epicentre for innovation and development of gaming.

On the other hand, Geoff Freeman, CEO of American Gaming Association hopes that the other 39 states of casino gaming will accept the rules of Nevada and support skill based games.

He appreciates Nevada’s leadership on the bill, as it will give the gaming industry a new edge and will expand the scope of innovation in gaming manufacturers and innovation.

Therefore, it is clear to state that development of the slot machines with a skill-based factor will add the much-needed support and stars to the gaming industry in the US.

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