Will There be a Back to the Future Online Slot?

The Back to the Future trilogy is beloved right until today and the science fiction comedy movie series has built up an immense fan following starting from the time the first movie was released to critical success and commercial acclaim in 1985. The main characters Marty, Doc, and Jennifer thrilled millions of moviegoers from all over the world with their ability to set off to various times in the future and people enjoyed seeing their various antics with futuristic gizmos. As a matter of fact, the movie catapulted Michael J. Fox, already popular as a TV actor, to super stardom as a film actor.

The fans of the movie series know 21 October 2015 as Back to the Future Day since this was the date entered into the iconic DeLorean automobile in the movie. Fans of the trilogy will agree that it is really amusing to actually reach the date that the film makers, Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale had chosen, most likely at random! Even so, this is a good day to discuss whether an online slot game themed around this movie will eventually be released or not.

Since Back to the Future has been able to retain its popularity over three decades, then the question that arises is whether there will ever be an online video slot game themed around it. This is a question that has been getting a bit of traction, of late, since the international gaming giant-IGT owns the licence to the movie. This should not come as a surprise to people since the most popular slot games in operation today are the ones based upon immensely popular movies. In fact, many of these games have been made in collaboration with the respective film studios.

There is already a Back to the Future slot machine owned by IGT and played in many land-based casinos that use this company’s highly regarded products. This slot game follows the movie faithfully and it also has the images of the movie’s main actors to give it a sense of realism. It goes without saying that the game is extremely popular with slot players, and not only those who are fans of the movie series. The game has five reels and 40 pay lines, which means that players have plenty of opportunities to make money while they also have a great deal of fun.

Since the company already has the licence to remake the iconic movie as a slot game, it is only a question of time before it makes an online version as well. It is quite likely that the developer is waiting to see how the game pans out in land based casinos before it invests additional money to make an online game.

As one of the biggest gaming operators in the business, IGT has a large number of online and land based casinos using its software. If the company does eventually offer Back to the Future at its online casinos, then there will definitely be lots of people eager to play it.

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