Winstones Slot

Updated:  August 7, 2016

Winstones slot machine is a unique game that is based on the famous Flinstones characters from the famous 1960s cartoon.  It is a 25 win-line slot that has a top price of 2000x coin size.  It features a bonus game that is both fun and slightly peculiar at the same time and also has a free spin feature for the more relaxed of its players.

Where to Play Winstones Slot

If you are reading this guide then you are probably going to be interested in knowing the bingo sites that offer the Winstones game.  You might also like to know which bonuses each of these sites gives new players when they sign up.  Below, you will find the top three sites that offer the game and promotions available to new depositors when they sign up.  Each site also allows players to spin for free, although of course, there are no real winnings as you are essentially playing in a demo environment.

Virgin Games – 200% deposit bonus up to £200

virgin - 728x90

Virgin offers an experience that will appeal to most people that like to bet on gaming sites and casinos.  It has bingo, slots, and some great casino games to keep its players entertained.  If you would like to play Winstones at Virgin, then you will be given a 200% bonus on your first deposit and this is worth a maximum of £200.

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Heart Bingo – deposit £10, play with £50

heart bingo banner

Heart Bingo is owned by Gamesys and is powered by its in-house software.  With this being the case, you will find that many of the popular games that can be found on sites like JackpotJoy and Sun Bingo, can be found here.  These include Tiki Island, Cleopatra, and Fun of the Fair.  Deposit £10 and you will get £30 to play.

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How to Play

5 Reel, 25 Line Slots

The aim of Winstones is to win money by getting winning combinations of Winstone symbols on the screen.  Much money can be won if the right symbols appear, although most people look forward to reaching the feature bonus (explained below) where the big wins begin.

winstones slot acreenshot


To play the game:

  • Choose your coin size.  By toggling up (+) and down (-) through the coin sizes, you can select how much you want each coin to be worth when you spin the reels.  The higher that amount, the more you will stand to win.  Conversely, the more you bet per coin, the faster your balance can be drained, if you are unlucky and go on a losing streak.
  • Number of win-lines.  Winstones slot is a 25 line game which means that, by covering the full 25 lines, you have 25 chances to spin winning combinations of symbols.  Although most people usually do, you don’t have to cover the full 25 lines and can just pick one of you choose.  Win-lines are selected by clicking on one of the numbers that are shown to either side of the reels.
  • Consider the total bet per spin. This can be deduced by multiplying the value of your chosen coin size by the number of lines that are being covered.  If the value of the coin is £2 and you are covering the maximum 25 lines, then each and every spin will be costing you £5.  The amount you play per spin will usually depend upon your account balance and risk-reward appetite.
  • Click Spin to begin.  Once you are happy with the setup of your game, you can click spin.  This will revolve the reels and reveal a group of Winstone symbols.  If they appear, in a winning combination on one of your win-lines, then the machine will tell you how much you have won.  You can click the start button again, while the reels are in motion, and this will stop them, making the game end faster.
  • Auto-Spin.  There is also an auto-spin feature which allows you to choose a pre-determined number of spins that the game will play on your behalf.  This is handy if you are playing different slots at the same time, or if you simply cannot be bothered to keep clicking start every time to initiate the game.  It is worth noting that the auto-spin can be stopped at any time.  If you were to choose 100 auto-spins, you can cancel this and return to manual operation of the game.
  • Any winning line will be calculated using the figures in the pay table (see below).  Multiply the line bet by the coin value to calculate how much you could win for each combination.  By knowing what symbols to look out for, your experience should be more fun.  You can access the pay table at any time by clicking on the “Help and Pay” button beneath the game window.

Bonus Round

The Winstones bonus round is where the fun really begins. Simply click spin and the gameshow’s assistant will spin the wheel and which will award you a multiplier and free spins.  You will be awarded a minimum of 5 free spins with a 2x multiplier although you can be lucky enough to get a massive 20 free spins with a 5x multiplier.  You can see a screenshot of the bonus round, below:

Winstones bonus round
The Winstones Bonus Round


Pay Table

Below you will be able to see what combinations of symbol, will give you when you win.



If you are a fan of the pre-historic world and/or The Flintstones, then you will feel right at home here. The spiritual successor to one of TVs most successful cartoon shows, The Winstones are the slot gaming equivalent and provide you with a huge variety of awesome bonuses and potential prizes to be won!

With a jackpot of around £20,000 available and free spins to be unlocked you can certainly up your kitty when you play Winstone bingo. The unique theme mixed with the fat-paced gameplay and feature heavy bonuses make Winstone the bingo game of choice for many players across the globe. This game acts as perfect proof that even thousands of years ago we still knew how to have a lot of fun!

The Winstones Resort & Casino is the setting for the game, and with a huge amount of Wild and Scatter symbols always ready to be put into play, as well as the bonus game with 20 free spins to unlock called the ‘Pterodactyl Wheel’ there is plenty of life in this slots game. if you are looking for something new ,then this might be the most pro-active and enjoyable online slots game out there at the moment!

With five reels and twenty five paylines available, you can stick on a large amount per run, to provide yourself with a maximum jackpot which can be as high 2,000 times what you actually put on! Just think about the potential of that for a minute! Although it’s certainly more of a high-risk game than others out there, the potential rewards are far higher. You might not get the same volume of smaller wins that you would with other slots games but you will get a much larger amount than usual when you do win!

From the Winstones logo acting as the ‘Wild’ and symbols like Cindy and Russell Winstone being extremely valuable, you can easily take your winnings into the multipliers of one thousand and up just by getting lucky with what symbols appear on your run. This game is perfect for people who have a lot of cash and a little bit of money to burn as you can bet as little as 1p per line up to £1 per line so you can really hit some really big jackpots along the way as you use Winstones Slot.

If you want to see a new theme and a new style of online slots game, then this is the best place that you can be. It’s a fresh take on the slots world and brings a whole new edge and style to the game that you are unlikely to have come across before in the past!

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