You’ll Absolutely Not Believe His Remarks on Bigger Jackpots!

Waiting for the launch of six-figure slot machines with bright colours?

Well, you do have a better chance at Maryland Live to earn cash through table games.

Robert J. Norton, president and general manager of Maryland Live says that the table games have the best odds, but you need to risk more in that.

However, you can win more money by placing small bets. Maryland Live is on a mission to captivate the attention of more and more players by rendering them an additional opportunity to win huge jackpots.

Scope of Table Games

The usual jackpot starts with $50,000 and increases when a player plays more on the slot machines. The machine guarantees to hit $100,000 in that excluding the electronic table games and video poker.

The casino has come up with an idea to guarantee a win from Thursday to Sunday. Norton expects that some or the other player is sure to hit the jackpot every six weeks.

He adds such a program of giant jackpot will grab the attention of more players around the city and bring in more revenue.

It is worth mentioning that the casino replaced 300 slot machines with 13 innovative table games. At present, the casino is recorded to have 202 table games and about 4,000 slots to offer to its players.

However, the significant decrease in the slots of the casinos is not going to hamper the county’s revenue.

State Senator, Ed DeGrange, D-Millersville said that slots make up a major part of the county’s revenue, but the machines that are not being played are not producing any profit too. Thus, there is no loss!

New Casino-Profit or Loss for the Government?

The Senator added by saying that he is quite worried about the casino that is being constructed in Prince George’s County and is set to open the following year.

This additional casino may bring losses to the already existing casino. Nonetheless, the state is planning to allocate some profit of the revenue generated from the additional casino to the local government. Thus, it will recover some part of the losses.

Note that after the MGM National Harbor is opened in Prince George, 5.5% of the revenue from slots and around 5% from the table games will be handed over to the local government.

It will support the government in covering up the expenses that are involved in hosting the famous tourist attraction. However, slots will always remain to be the central source of money.

In Conclusion…

The Hanover casino was noted to receive $50.9 million from both the table games and slot machines in April.

It is lesser as compared to March by $1 million and $5.5 million less than April 2014.

Thus, from the overall earnings, slot machines contributed around $31.7 million, while the share of table games remained at $19.2 million.

The Maryland Live casino’s major competitor is Horseshoe Casino Baltimore that can turn to be a threat for it.

However, Horseshoe has also declined from March to April. Therefore, the discussions are still going on over the introduction of new casino and table games.

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