You’ll Never Believe What These Players Won by Beating the Odds at the Casinos!

If you love casino games, then you’re probably already aware of the strategies and tricks to win by beating the odds. It’s a foolproof system to enjoy an advantage over others.

No doubt, casinos are very alert and keep an eagle’s eye on every visitor that arrives to play. They have devices built with the latest technology to detect any player who is suspicious of using any unfair means.

However, a smart player can always use some tried and tested methods to beat the odds and get the game in your favour.

Of course, casinos love making huge profits by taking large amount of money from the players, but hate to give it all back.

Thus, the security cameras and crew of the casino strictly watch every move of each player. Some of the big casinos have professional card counters too that help in catching the players that earn huge cash by card counting.

What is Card Counting?

Card counting is one of the popular methods to beat the odds at the casino.

Undoubtedly, it requires you to possess ultimate patience and skill. This counter trick works on the cards that have been already dealt with and the ones that have a chance to be dealt with.

The whole idea behind counting cards is that the players get to know the number of high or low cards that are about to appear in the deal.

Anyone can learn this skill, but it will take a little time. It is not child’s play to get through the tricks of earning big cash at casinos.

Beating the Odds in Roulette

Roulette is a very popular game and is a game of chance and luck. It does have some ways to beat the odds, but they are little uncertain.

One of the ways can be to bet the money on a large amount of numbers. In fact, laws of probability can help you in determining the chances of black or red appearing.

Casinos and Cheats

To win casino games and make cash, many players use unethical ways, which are not appreciated by the casino. They have surveillance devices to detect any player doing such things and spot them immediately.

For instance, Joseph Hobson Jagger beat the odds in 1875 in Monte Carlo casino. He saw that roulette wheel had a spindle that had some fault and stopped only at specific numbers.

He broke the bank and won around $1,615,378.

In 1966 also, 12 men were caught of taking the casino for $719,219. It was believed that this group had the ultimate way to beat the odds at roulette. Later, they were banned to enter every casino in France.

Gamblers have devised the newest ways to beat the odds like a computerised scanner hidden in phone.

However, the casino authorities are also becoming smarter to invent new technology to get hold of these cheats and maintain a fair environment. Such frauds were never and will never be entertained by the casinos.

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