Young British War Veteran Wins £13.2 Million on Online Slot Game!

Jon Heywood wasn’t expecting very much when he staked 25p on an online slot game, but what happened to him next exceeded even his wildest expectations. The 26-year-old veteran of the war in Afghanistan visited the popular online gaming site on 6 October 2015 to have a bit of fun and relaxation, and he bet a small amount on the Mega Moolah slot game from well-known gaming operator Microgaming. The young man got the shock of his life when he won the jackpot, which amounted to a whopping £13.2 million. The young man was required to stay silent about the win for a few days after it happened, and it has still taken him time to get used to his new found wealth and his sudden elevation to a multi-millionaire. As a matter of fact, he even showed up at work the day after his tremendous win.

Heywood’s win is the largest jackpot amount given out by an online slot game so far. The previous record was £13.1 million and was won by a person from Finland around two years ago. Slot games are known to give out big wins from time to time.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the British soldier from Cheshire has big plans on how to use his windfall. For starters, he will ensure that his ailing father, who is on the wait list for a heart and lung transplant, will get the best possible medical assistance. He will then be replacing his trusty Fiat Punto with a luxurious Bentley Continental GT, ensuring that he gets the car in his favourite shade of yellow. A long-time fan of F1 racing, the thought of driving a fancy vehicle hadn’t even occurred to him so far.

The family man also plans to treat his relatives to a fancy cruise on the Mediterranean. The only thing that he feels really bad about is that his beloved grandfather passed away earlier this year and wouldn’t be able to share in his good fortune. Heywood very freely admits that it is tough to not get carried away by his new wealth, and that he is struggling to stay grounded. It is good to know that the money couldn’t be won by a better person!

This is no doubt a feel good story, but it also illustrates perfectly why slot games are so popular with gamers. People love playing these games because it’s really easy to win a lot of money by wagering a relatively small amount. Mega Moolah is a very popular slot game with five reels and 25 pay lines. The is one of the earliest progressive jackpot games from Microgaming and it accepts a minimum bet of 1p per pay line and the maximum bet of 5p. This progressive slot game therefore, accepts 125 coins per spin. The game has a fun and exciting theme, set in an animated tropical jungle teeming with wildlife. There are also quite a few bonus games, giving players the opportunity to extend their playing time.

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