1 Arm Bandit Slot

1 Arm BanditFor those of you who like to indulge in old school games, this one will surely win your hearts. 1 Arm Bandit is one of the oldest and longest running slot games developed by Microgaming.

The game has a really cool and stunning online version that maintains the essence of the original game, and yet continues to win hearts of the young generation. The game is designed with simplicity and that is what creates the magic of the game. With so many slot games entering the market, it is a delight to have a game that has maintained its old charm even when technology has taken over.

The Minimalistic Theme

The theme is simple and classic without much chaos on the screen. Yet, you will find everything you need on the screen with no need to leave the game screen at all. This is a three reel game with only three pay lines.

All the pay tables and buttons are visible on the screen and the design is absolutely eye-catching and easy to use. The icons used in the game are funny and humorous and have been designed with a lot of intelligence and smartness. The bullets make the slot a little more exciting and thrilling and add to the fun-factor as well!

The Awesome Features

This game does not have any fancy features like the ones you would find in today’s new and modern games. However, the magic of 1 Arm Bandit lies in its simplicity and even without too many features, it is still a game that is loved and adored by one and all.

Special Free Spins and Jackpots

The maximum jackpot you can win in this game is 4,000 coins or $20,000 in cash. There is no wild symbol in the game or any multiplier and scatter symbol.

Since the game is traditional and old-fashioned, the features are simple and old-fashioned with not much hype in the game. You do not get any free spins in the game nor is there any bonus game.

If you are looking for a jazzy game experience, this one is surely not meant for you. However, if you are more comfortable with fun and exciting games that allow you to play casually and win some money on the way, then 1 Arm Bandit will definitely keep you happy and interested.

The Final Verdict

1 Arm Bandit has been the conventional slot game for a long time now. The game has evolved in terms of technology and online version, but they have maintained the simplicity of the game to keep the users interested.

Many people may feel that the game lacks bonuses and free spins but honestly, if you play well and luck is on your side, you can still win a lot of prizes in this game. The money is surely a motivating factor to enjoy the game and keep you interested at all times.

If you are looking for a traditional slot game that reminds you of the good old days, then this one will surely be worth your money!

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