5 Most Played Multi-player Slot Games at Online Casinos

Online slot machines can be boring when you are playing alone. That being said, slot games can be fun when the same online platform is shared by two people at once. Not only can you share the slot with your partner but you can also chat and decide the strategy too! Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Multi-player slot games are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the speed of internet. There are a wide variety of free and paid multiple gaming options out there. Here is a list of a few multi-player games which are very popular across geographies.

#1-Avalon Slot

This is the latest launch of Microgaming and has taken the online gambling market by storm. The Avalon slot used to operate for a single player, earlier. With the latest multi-player launch this game is making headlines.

This game is considered to be one of the most widely played games in the history of multi-player slots. The primary reasons for its popularity-slot tournaments and mobile platform. This game does have some differentiating factors compared to its solo counterpart. Another fact that makes this game exciting is the free bonuses that are awarded to you and the players who are playing with or against you. However, the payout varies.

#2-Multi-player Isis

This is a multi-player slot, which has a high variance. So, if you are big time gambler and want an adrenaline pumping game, this is the game for you! This is a high risk game. You can either win huge amount of cash or lose the same.

The bonus payout is one of the mega attractions of this slot game. The free spins attract a lot of people. This game is pretty much similar to the first one mentioned above, the reason being-it’s system of extending the bonuses. The ratio is very well thought out.

#3-No Worries Online Multiplayer Slots

There are three types of coin settings when it comes to value.  While starting the game, a player needs to choose one of the coin value settings, and only then they can start playing. A jackpot meter will decide about the bonus eligibility of your hand when the house chooses to give one.

A higher position in the jackpot meter will not only ensure that you get a higher bonus but also ensure that your fellow partner receives the favour and vice-versa. The partnership method works out very well when played in tandem.

#4-Wheel of Wealth

This was the first multi-player online casino games to be launched. It enjoys the first mover advantage. Six players can enjoy the gaming cycle in one shot. The screen of every individual player keeps them posted about other players winning. A scatter symbol on a player’s screen means that their multiplier has been increased. A bonus round gets automatically triggered. The players sitting at even spots need to select one spot to set the wheel in motion.

#5-Free Multi-player Avalon

This is a free version and you don’t need to pay upfront. Even though you have a limited time of 120 seconds only, the excitement is equally thrilling like the paid ones. Six players can share one gaming cycle and share the money and bonuses extended by the house.

The slots have been uniquely designed in a manner that lets other players view their fellow players card and winning at the same time. A free spin multiplier will keep you posted about the bonus you are entitled for at any given time. The primary task of a player involves keeping the thermometer (the bonus indicator) hot at all time because if it gets cold; a player gets disqualified from the bonus round.

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