6 Ridiculous Slot Machine Myths and Misconceptions

Slot machines have become one of the favourites for all casino players. Many players love slot games and enjoy spending a lot of time on these machines. Earlier, slot machines accounted for only 30% of casino profits, but lately, they account for almost 70% of casino profits.

The technological advancements have made it even more fun to play on the slot machines since the chances of winning have also become tremendously high. The hi-tech computer chip installed in the slot machines allows players to win extremely high jackpots and have the power to make anyone rich!

However, as much as technology has advanced, people and their misconceptions keep going in the backward direction. Many people still have strange beliefs about slot machines and winning the jackpot. Just like any other game, this one too, has its own share of myths and misconceptions that must be dismissed in order to play a fair and fun game.

Common Slot Machine Myths and Misconceptions

#1-If you leave a machine and someone else won a jackpot just after you left, you could have got the jackpot…

Though this seems like a fair share of bad luck, it is really nothing to do with your luck or your timing. The computer chip in the machine runs the Random Number Generator (RNG). This is how the winning combination of numbers of symbols is selected. It does not depend on the time you spend on the machine. It takes the combination at the fraction of the second when you pull the handle. It is extremely unlikely that you would have won it even if you stayed on the machine.

#2-By counting the symbols on each wheel, one can tell the winning odds…

This is another misconception that is truly false. The RNG has a set number for each spin. This number corresponds to the symbol on the reel. You may think that you can calculate your chances and figure out in how many times you can play and win.

However, it is a combination generated by the chip and it has infinite possibilities, which cannot be tracked down. These millions of combinations is what makes it easier for casinos to offer such large jackpots.

#3-The slot machines can be loosened or tightened by a switch in the casino…

This is false. The chip determines the pay back percentage. It is not possible for the casino to change this. The chip is extremely costly and requires legal permissions to be changed in many casinos. Therefore, most casinos determine the percentage before installing the chip and this cannot be changed during play time.

#4-The coin temperature can make a difference in your play…

This is a completely irrational myth that needs to be broken. The computer chip is a machine and it does not work on temperature differences. In an attempt to heat a coin, one man almost burnt his finger once. This only shows the level of superstition people have in this factor when it is entirely false.

#5-Your slot club card can reduce your cash back

This is another false myth that must be broken. You can get the same number of chances to win whether you play with card or coins. In fact, by not playing with your club card, you are losing out on other benefits as well.

#6-A machine is more likely to hit jackpot if it hasn’t been played on in a long time…

This is entirely false. The machine works on random occurrences and unique combinations. There is no way to determine a way based on the machine’s play time. Do not spend excessive money believing that you’ll walk out a winner.

Myths and misconceptions in slot machine games can affect your bankroll badly. Consider the facts and figures to ensure you do not waste your money.

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