NetEnt’s Arcane: Reel Chaos – Bonus features powered by superheroes

It’s the season of superheroes, and what better way to jump onto this bandwagon then releasing an online slot game that revolves around the powers of superheroes! NetEnt’s Arcane: Reel Chaos is an interesting take on the superhero mania we’re seeing across all media platforms, and this online slot game offers interesting takes on popular features, such as re-spins, stacked wilds, overlay wilds and multiplier rates.

NetEnt’s Arcane: Reel Chaos is played over 5 reels and offers upto 20 paylines. Supported across all major platforms (mobile, tablet and desktop), NetEnt’s Arcane: Reel Chaos has a playable range of 20p to £20 and offers a unique scoring system which is based on 4 superheroes. 

NetEnt’s Arcane: Reel Chaos – Overview

Before we jump into a detailed look at NetEnt’s Arcane: Reel Chaos, let’s take a look at the main online slot game information –

  • Number of reels: 5
  • Playable range: 20p to  £20
  • Jackpot: Yes, upto 1,000
  • Bonus Rounds: Yes, upto 5
  • Multiplier rate: Upto 4

Visuals and reel symbols

Visually, NetEnt’s Arcane: Reel Chaos offers decent graphics, and the overall setting resembles that of a cathedral in ruins. The background soundtrack is decent, supporting the overall feel Arcane: Reel Chaos is going for. 

The reels symbols used in this game are A, K, Q, J and 10 card suites, along with cards displaying 4 different types of superheroes – Psyops, Zero. X, Chrono and Flare. The antagonist of the game is Deep Pockets, and this card offers the highest payout, offering upto 50 times the initial stake with the highest winning combination.

Each superhero offers a specific feature and they are as follows:

  • Psyops – Stacked Wilds
  • Zero. X – Overlay Wilds
  • Chrono – Re-spin
  • Flare – Multiplier

Free Spins feature

The Free Spins feature of NetEnt’s Arcane: Reel Chaos is activated when a player gets 3 scatter symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. Once this feature is activated, then the player is taken to another section, where the superheroes take on the main antagonist of the game – Deep Pockets. This section is played over 4 levels – 

  • Level 1 – Deep Pockets has 2 lives and 1x multiplier
  • Level 2 – Deep Pockets has 4 lives and a 2x multiplier rate
  • Level 3 – Deep Pockets has 4 lives and a 3x multiplier rate
  • Level 4 – Deep Pockets has 6 lives and a 4x multiplier rate

Once the player finishes all the 4 levels, an extra level (known as the Victory Bonus stage) is also offered.

Video walkthrough

Now let’s take watch Arcane: Reel Chaos in action. At 00:21, we see the player activating the Free Spins feature. As the feature is activated, we can also hear the voice prompt from Deep Pockets, signaling the start of the Free Spins feature. As each free spins is played out, we see the superhero card, on the left of the reel, shooting energy beams on Deep Pockets and his health meter goes down. Granted, this particular sequence is a bit slow, as each Free Spins ends up shooting an energy beam, which makes it a bit too repetitive. At 01:05, we see the player activating Level 2. At 02:29, we see Level 3 activated and at 03:55, we see Level 4. 

At 04:14, we see the end of this sequence, as Deep Pockets flies across the screen and takes down the last remaining superhero card. Towards the end, we see the player winning a massive £1,080. 

Closing thoughts

NetEnt’s Arcane: Reel Chaos is an interesting addition to NetEnt’s current offering of online slot games. Offering a medium to high variance and the chance to win big, NetEnt’s Arcane: Reel Chaos does offer a variety of ways to win, and the highest a player can win using the right winning combinations is over 10,000 times the stake; but, this is highly unlikely due to the rare chance the Re-Spin feature (Chrono’s) is combined with Deep Pockets. But the bonus features do make worth any player’s time, and NetEnt’s Arcane: Reel Chaos.

So what did you think of NetEnt’s Arcane: Reel Chaos? Let us know in the comments below!

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