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AtlantisMicrogaming is always coming up with new and innovative slot to keep their slot players interested. The current favourite among the slot players is an underwater-themed slot, appropriately named Atlantis.

A three reel and two coin slot, it’s a traditional Vegas-style slot machine game. From wild multiplier symbols to a jackpot of whopping 1,600 coins, it features everything that you’re probably looking in your slot games as well. Available in both regular as well as expert mode, Atlantis caters to both kinds of players, novices and professionals!

The Regular Symbols and Payout Schedule!

Since Atlantis is a classic slot game, it’s quite uncomplicated when it comes to the symbols and their respective payout schedule.

As you start playing the slot machine game, the regular symbols that you’ll come across are three kinds of bar-one bar, two bar and three bar, sea horses and clam shells. Depending on how many symbols of each you’re able to line up, the payout will differ.

For instance, the highest paying symbol out of all of these is the Treasure Chest. Interestingly, it’s also the wild multiplier symbol. If you’re able to land three Treasure Chest symbols by using two coins, then you’ll win the jackpot of 1,600 coins.

Treasure Chest-The Wild Multiplier Symbol!

Like so many other slot games, the Treasure Chest has the same characteristics of being able to substitute other symbols in order to complete winning combos. It’s also able to effectively multiply the payout.

So, if you land one Treasure Chest symbol, your payout is doubled, while two symbols quadruple the payout of winning combos that you’re able to complete.

However, you need to note that in case of multiple winning combos, only a single highest winning combo will be paid out!

Playing Atlantis Slot the Professional Way!

If you’re interested in playing this slot, then you need to know the proper settings that will help you play this machine game easily.

The main things that you need to select properly are the coin size and the number of coins. To increase or decrease the coin size of your bet, all you need to do is toggle between ‘+’ and ‘-’.

Once done, the next essential item is the number of coins. While Bet One lets you increase the number of coins you’d like to bet by one pay line, selecting Bet Max will automatically select the maximum number of pay lines and coins allowed. This will also start the spinning of the reels automatically!

The third most important and obvious item is called Spin. Clicking this will set the reels spinning, and help you complete winning combos. If you’re able to land winning combos on the pay line, then you’re paid out as per their payout schedule.

If not, Atlantis slot is over, and you’ll be taken back to the main screen to select your options and start playing again.

The Final Verdict!

Overall, Atlantis is a very basic slot game that is easy to understand and play. It doesn’t have a lot of settings, which makes it simpler for people of all playing levels to play.

If you love the ocean and everything associated with it, Atlantis is one slot game that will you’ll love to splash around in!

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