Bar Bar Black Sheep Slot

Bar Bar Black SheepRemember the nursery rhyme; Baa baa black sheep have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!

If you do and want to relive your childhood days, here is your chance to indulge in a great slot game, Bar Bar Black Sheep.

This one is inspired by the nursery rhyme and has some great graphics. The cool sounds in the background will make playing this slot even more enjoyable.

What’s more is that, along with having fun playing, you can also make some money along the way. It also has lots of wilds, multipliers and a jackpot of $8,000 to be won!

The Glorious Theme of Bar Bar Black Sheep Slot!

Microgaming has a simple theme that is brilliant and it has been executed in a brilliant way. You have lots of bags of wool in the game, along with white and black sheep who help you make some really good money!

The Stunning Game Features of Bar Bar Black Sheep!

This is a 3 reel game with only a single pay line.

It is simple and fits within a screen, so, that you can see everything you need right on the screen without having to hunt for any further details.

It is a non-progressive game with a jackpot of 1,600 coins to be won. The maximum coins that you can play Bar Bar Black Sheep slot with are three.

It has no scatter symbols, but the wild symbols and multiplier make up for the money that you need to win! There is no bonus game or free spins either in the game.

It is a fairly simple game without any fancy features, but it still rewards you with the cute designs and the fun that it brings along.

The maximum bet range is from $0.20 to $15. Anyone with varied budgets can definitely play this game. Depending on how much money you’re putting in, you can win accordingly.

However, if you’d like to play only for fun, then you can play this slot in ‘Playing for Fun’ mode as well.

The Exciting Symbols of Bar Bar Black Sheep Slot!

The game has some unusual symbols to make your play time super exciting.

While there are the usual single bar, double bar and triple bar, along with wool and white sheep, the real one that you need to look out for is the black sheep.

The black sheep is the wild multiplier symbol that can double or triple your wins and get you a lot of prizes in your game. If you’re able to land the Bar Bar Black Sheep at a time when you’ve used three coins, then you can win the maximum jackpot of a whopping 1,600 coins.

The Final Verdict!

Bar Bar Black Sheep is a classic slot with a single pay line. So, the slot is quite easy to understand and play. If you’re a novice, and would like to try this game, then this can be an amazing experience for you.

Have fun playing Bar Bar Black Sheep, and also make money while at it!

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