Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Slot

dark-knight-rises-slotBatman fans lo and behold! Released recently for your slot gaming pleasure is the best superhero slot game of all time. Mentioned below are some of the features that will help you understand what differentiates this from a good slot machine game and a GREAT slot game.

–          Developing wilds: Imagine you have spun and when it stops the result doesn’t hit a payline. But then the wilds expand and voila! The Dark Knight Rises features these wilds making victory even easier.

–          Doubling wilds: With doubling wilds you get to increase your winnings by hundred percent! If you get a four of a kind AND a doubling wild then you’ll get paid for five!

–          Symbol swap: Sometimes it happens that luck just isn’t on your side. Well thankfully the game developers are. Should you be unable to hit a winner line, worry not. Symbols will be swapped to create an optimum winning pattern using computer processes. Win!

–          While playing the game you’re in for another surprise. A Batman and Bane duel! How so? Pre-coded to randomly run a video of them, the game will pause and they will appear on screen. What happens next is a raging battle between the forces of good and evil. Not only is this good eye candy but you’re also receiving free spins which can be used to win even more. What for? You get them just from watching the video!

–          The algorithm running the game has a bonus spins trigger feature. The scatter symbols have been appointed for this job. Get a combo of three or more and you are placed with the difficult choice of opting for Batman or Bane. Both sides are tempting, but equally well rewarding.

A few rounds of the game played and you will see for yourself what makes this game so enjoyable. It’s not only the awesome visuals and animation and sound effects. It’s much more. The whole story is played out. Each symbol reminds you of the journey Batman has to undertake to save Gotham city. The story alone is just icing on the cake. The bonuses are something altogether on another level.

Coming to online casino slot games in general, there are tons and tons of features from bonuses to exciting themes to the different pay lines to meet all your gaming needs. Apart from the first deposit bonuses are the High Roller bonuses, the Exclusive bonuses and No deposit bonuses. Each will be discussed in detail below.

What does it mean to be a High Roller? When you want to win big, you have to go the extra mile. Simply put, the more the sugar, the sweeter the cake. Slot games offer you options which not only help you win big but also do so with ease. A high roller bonus will, in return for meeting its minimum deposit and minimum wage conditions, provide you exclusive bonuses. An example would be a 50% high roller bonus on wins AND complement balance of $3500. You can search deals online to strike the balance between the conditions and the bonuses.

Next up is the Exclusive bonus. This is for people who like to keep the wager high. If you have it high enough to meet the requirement then you are entitled to bonuses such as $100 plus 30 free spins and so on. The upside is that you’re playing and without any extra effort you get to cash in on these bonuses.

Slot games are improving by the day. Newer algorithms, better bonuses and offers, different themes all contribute to an overall better gaming experience. New games are released every few months. Stakes go higher and higher. Recently a player won a jackpot of one million dollars!

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