Beach Babes Slot

Beach BabesBeach Babes is an online slot game, which is powered by Microgaming. Since the software is provided by Microgaming, the game has superior graphics and great audio sound.

It has five reels and 25 pay lines with the option of Auto Spin. You can bet a maximum of 10 coins on one line. You can either play it online or download it on your computer. Beach Babes accepts currencies that include US Dollars, Pounds and Euros.

Getting Started with Beach Babes Slot

The first step to play the game is to register on the website. Once done, you’ll need to adjust a few settings as per your convenience. The main settings that you’ll need to look at have been discussed below.

  • You can easily increase or decrease the size of the coin by clicking on the coin size button on the display screen.
  • You also have the liberty to choose the number of coins you’d like to bet. You can choose Bet One that lets you increase the number of coins by one pay line.
  • On the other hand, Bet Max will activate all 25 pay lines. You have to activate all the pay lines to win the Jackpot.
  • Lastly, when all the options have been selected. Press the Spin button to activate the game.

The Stunning Features of Beach Babes Slot!

Beach Babes slot offers several features, which will entice you to play the slot time and again.

It offers multi-denomination, multi-coin and multi-line options for the slot machine. You are entitled to win a jackpot of up to 10,000 coins.

Beach Babes also offers two game modes-Regular and Expert Mode. While the regular mode will not have any advanced features, the expert mode will have them.

The spin feature of Beach Babes offers a Spin 5x and Spin 10x feature. If you’d like the beach babes to take over, then all you need to do is select Autoplay. This feature allows you to sit back and enjoy the thrill of this slot game.

The Striking Symbols of Beach Babes Slot!

Beach Babes slot has wild and scatter symbols apart from the regular symbols that you’ll come across at all the slot games.

Beach Babes Logo-The Wild Multiplier Symbol!

The symbol of the Beach Babes logo is the wild multiplier symbol. The wild symbol has the speciality of substituting itself with any other symbol.

You can win big cash prizes if multiple wild symbols land in the same pay line. You need to keep in mind that only one winning combination will be paid out in each line. If there are multiple, then the amount of the biggest combination will be paid out.

Icebox-The Scatter Symbol!

The Icebox in the Beach Babes slot serves as the scatter symbol. The function of the scatter symbol is to provide winning combinations in different pay lines.

You will be entitled to a free bonus round if there are three or more scatter symbols appearing on any of the five reels. The best part about scatter symbols is that if you manage a scatter win and a regular win, you will be paid out for both!

The Final Verdict!

If you love the sun, sand and sea, then this slot game can keep you glued to the screen as the beach babes take turns to make you win some big bucks!

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