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BelissimoBelissimo is designed by Microgaming. Themed around an Italian Pizzeria, this three reel and five line slot has become extremely popular among slot lovers across the globe. It is a slot specially customised for five coins. As soon as the reel stops spinning, the system checks for the winning combinations and awards the winner accordingly.

The game can be paid for fee as well as with money. It is, however, advised that beginners try the free version before playing with real money.

Getting Started with Belissimo Slot!

Like all other slot games, the denomination of coin in this game too is vital. The coin denomination starts from 0.25 and can go as high as 20. It is possible to wager a maximum of five coins per reel.

The minimum and the maximum bet amount for this slot is 0.25 and 100 for each spin respectively. The jackpot amount is a staggering 5,000 coins.

Like most other slots, the winning combinations are considered from left to right only.

In case of any malfunction or any technical glitch during the slot session, a player is paid in full amount without any questions asked. So, you don’t have to worry about anything, focus only on playing and winning!

Chef-The Wild Symbol!

The Chef serves as the wild symbol for this slot and is capable of substituting any symbol. It also helps a player complete winning combinations.

In case a player ends up with multiple wild symbols, he can form multiple winning combinations. Like other slots, in this slot too, only one winning combination is paid out, and that too the highest one.

Game Modes of Belissimo Slot!

There are two modes for this slot. The first one is known as the regular mode with no advance features and is meant specifically for beginners.

The second one is the expert mode and is meant for professionals.

This game has multiple advanced features. Choosing the 5x button will let a slot player play five games in succession. The 10x features rolls out 10 consecutive games, and the spins box helps you understand the number of games that have already been played.

The Yummy Symbols of Belissimo Slot!

Although, it’s themed around an Italian pizzeria, Belissimo slot has the most basic symbols of Seven, 3-Bar, 2-Bar and 1-Bar. This is because it’s a classic slot with only three reels and five pay lines.

However, you’ll come across a boisterous character, the Chef. He ensures that you make the maximum money because he is the wild symbol as well.

Payout schedule

If you’re able to land three 7 symbols, then you’ll win 80 coins. Similarly, three triple bar symbols can help you win 60 coins. 2 bar and 1 bar symbol will help you win 40 and 10 coins respectively.

The highest coin is awarded on pay line five and the amount can be as high as 5,000.

The Final Verdict!

Overall, Belissimo is a simple, yet fun and classic slot that everyone will enjoy playing. So, get on board and start playing this slot today!

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