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Winning a Jackpot always sounds exciting, and when it is about winning 6000 coins, then it becomes even more interesting. YES, you heard it right; this Jackpot 6000 slot game gives you the opportunity to win the massive jackpot of 6000 coins per spin with return to player of about 93%.  Jackpot 6000 is a video slot game having many striking features like 3 pay lines, Multi-Denominations free spin bonus and much more.

This game comes with 3 distinct reels, which means that you have to make your winning combination by using these 3 reels. Every time you insert a coin, a nascent win line gets activated. When the spin is stopped, the game checks the combination you have made across each enabled pay line. Jackpot 6000 is the game, which is purely dedicated to thrilling game experience and a fascinating Jackpot. It contains a Vegas style machine game in which winning combination is decided by the 3 reels. The game comprises of distinct symbols such as Jokers, Heads or tails as well as an innovative super meter game mode.


This game powered by Net entertainment could be played for free fun or for real money to earn massive payouts. The players could use the coin denominations of 0.10 to 1.00 for each of the win lines. A player could place the minimum of 1 coin up to the maximum number of 10 coins for every single win line. The maximum payout from this Jackpot 6000 game is its jackpot amount that is 6,000 coins for every single spin.

Win lines

There are 5 distinct win lines in this game and for every single coin the player wagers, a new win line is automatically added to the spin. When the spin will stop, you would be checked for the winning combination against the line enabled. The betting amount stays the same irrespective of the currency you are playing. The amount of win you procure depends upon the total amount of coin you have acquired, which are then multiplied by the coin denominations.

Gamble Feature

Any winning payline triggers on the Heads or Tails Gamble Feature. Your winnings are automatically staked on the Heads or Tails. Alternatively, you could also choose not to participate in the Gamble Feature and click “Collect” to amass the winnings. You could also click on the option ‘Transfer’ if you want to separate a part of your won amount to saving and then play with the remaining amount. Every time you click on the Transfer button, 20 coins are from your procured wins are saved.

Each time you win taking part in Jackpot 6000 machine, you’ve got probability to wager the entire or a fraction of the wins on the Gamble Feature for at least 50/50 chance to have the winning payouts doubled.

Super-meter Jackpot Feature

The players need to place maximum wager in order to be eligible for the Super-meter Jackpot Feature. In the Super-meter Jackpot, the wagers are higher: the wagering level counts to twenty coins having the five pay lines triggered on.

You could even make your entry to the Super-meter Jackpot Feature whilst the Heads or Tails Gambling Feature.

Upon procuring the combo of a couple of Joker symbols, the player receives a Mystery Prize Bonus ranging somewhere in between 10 coins to the maximum of 6000 coins apart from the original stake. The game could be played on an instantly playable platform requiring no downloads.

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