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“Love makes our life magical” and to make your life magical go on and play this video slot game named as a Magic love. This game has everything that you need in a high-end slot machine game. Magic Love is a 9-reel, 8-win line multi-coins slot game. This implies there are nine spinning slot reels with eight win lines from which the players’ winning combos are evaluated. At the point when the slot reels stops spinning, the winning combos for the players are evaluated.

Magic Love is indeed an energizing slot game, however in case you did not ever play this kind of slot game, you need to be watchful of your wager, because clicking “Bet Max” option will wager 8 coins for every win line for any coin denominations you select. For a €0.10 wager, clicking on the “Bet Max” option will wager €6.40, for a €0.20 wager, your bet would be €12.80 for every spin. Wins are conceivable on any of three lines horizontally, vertically or even diagonally. You could also choose how many wager lines you want to place wager by clicking on the ‘Single Line’ option. For cancelling, the “All Lines” all you need to do is just hit the option named “Clear Bets”. The colored wager line shows up the entire wagers the player selected to place wager for each of the win lines. Clicking on the option ‘Bet Max’ you could place the maximum amount of wagers for each of the win line and at the same time initiate all the win lines to place wagers simultaneously.


You can pick any coin size ranging from $0.10 to $0.20 into the no. of reels being played subsequently making the maximum payout amount of x2000 credits. A player could choose to place the maximum of 1 coin to the maximum of 8 coins for each of the enabled win line. Clicking on the BET MAX option will allow to enable every win line and place the maximum wagers on each of the triggered on win lines.

Win lines

The winning line of Magic Love and their payouts could be found in a chart by clicking on the PAYTABLE option. Here you will see the PAYTABLE that demonstrates the winning combos a player could win upon procuring distinct symbols on the lines. Each distinct symbol provides distinct wins to the players and upon amassing all 9 Car scatters on the reels, the maximum jackpot amount of X2000 credits is paid out.

Scatter Symbol

The Car image symbol is that the scatter in this Magic Love slot machine game. After you procure from two up to nine numbers of Car scatters on the screen, the payout is made in accordance to the PAYTABLE. Being a scatter, the Car needs not to show up on as single specific win line to accomplish the winning combos for the players.

Winning Combo:

Although the exact values of your wins are dependent to that of the size of the coins you place as wager, however, the below chart will enable you to get an idea on the winning combination payouts:

Combination Coins Won
3 Car Symbols 300x Line Bet
3 3-Bar Symbols 200x Line Bet
3 2-Bar Symbols 100x Line Bet
3 1-Bar Symbols 40x Line Bet
3 Heart Symbols 20x Line Bet
3 Palm Tree Symbols 14x Line Bet
3 Rose Symbols 12x Line Bet
3 Ring Symbols 10x Line Bet
Any 3 Bar Symbols 8x Line Bet
3 Champagne Bottle Symbols 8x Line Bet
2 Champagne Bottle Symbols 4x Line Bet
1 Champagne Bottle Symbols 2x Line Bet
9 Scatter Symbols 2000x Line Bet
8 Scatter Symbols 800x Line Bet
7 Scatter Symbols 200x Line Bet
6 Scatter Symbols 100x Line Bet
5 Scatter Symbols 50x Line Bet
4 Scatter Symbols 20x Line Bet
3 Scatter Symbols 5x Line Bet
2 Scatter Symbols 2x Line Bet


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