Boom Brothers Slot

boom-brothers-slot-imageBoom Brothers are three dwarves who are industrialists and adventurous and they are hunting for treasures in a mine to fill their pockets. You can also fill your pockets by playing this video slot as this game offers amazing bonus and free spins.

The premise of this game is set in a mysterious mine. Boom Brothers Video Slot is a five-reel slot with 20 pay lines for you to play. If you like solving mysteries and are the detective type, then this game can be very interesting for you.

This game has great graphics and holds a lot of surprises to keep you captivated while playing. The dwarf brothers are so cute that the moment you look at them, you are sure to fall in love with them.

The Game of Treasures

You can bet up to five coins per pay line. So, if you choose all the pay lines and bet maximum coins then your bet will be of 100 coins. The theoretical pay out percentage of this game is 96.4%, which is highly impressive.

This game never gets boring as there are treasures that you keep looking for and it is a great adventurous experience with these amusing characters.

Fun in the Mine

Just like other games, this slot also has a wild symbol, which is the Bomb icon. The Bomb icon will substitute all other symbols to complete the combination of your win other than the scatter symbol.

The free spins symbol and the Rail track icons are the scatter symbols in this game. The free spins symbol helps to win free spins for your game. When you score three or more free spin symbols in this game anywhere on the reels, then you win free spins.

When you score free spin symbols they have a number hidden beneath them, so, when you spin them the number gets revealed. All the numbers revealed by the free spins that you have scored are added and that is the number of free spins that you have won.

Also, every time you win free spins, your win gets multiplied by three, which means your wins become thrice of what they originally were. This game is different from all the other slots as it has comical characters and fun stages, which will keep you glued to the game.

Rail Track Feature

Another feature of this slot is the Rail track symbol that helps you enter the Rail Track feature- a bonus game. If the Rail Track feature appears on reels 1, 2 and 3 at the same time then the Rail Track feature commences where the Boom brothers need to cross this place to enter the bonus round.

To cross this place, they need a Track, which is half made by these three reels-first, second and third. The last two reels will spin again to see if the track is completed for the brothers to cross it. Once it gets completed and the brothers cross it, your win gets multiplied by four and you enter the bonus round.

If at the track remains incomplete by one portion, which is one reel, then your win gets multiplied by three and if it remains incomplete by two reels, then the bonus round ends and your win gets multiplied by only two.

The bonus round of this game is very enjoyable as the three brothers take mining carts and race among themselves to reach the treasure first. Rock Face is what they are aiming to get!

There is another feature called the 2nd Chance Win, which commences if you don’t win anything in the game. This feature is great as it ensures that you don’t leave empty handed when you’re playing the Boom Brothers Video Slot.

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