Bulls Eye Slot

Bulls EyeBulls Eye is an online slot, which has three reels and one pay line. It is powered by Microgaming and hence, has amazing graphics and sound quality. It is a non-progressive slot and does not offer free spins. However, Bulls Eye offers bonus rounds.

You can either play Bulls Eye online or download it on your computer, whatever is the most convenient to you.

The Amazing Features of Bulls Eye Slot!

  • There is a good chance of winning great payouts at Bulls Eye slot. All you need to do is play the maximum number of coins per pay line.
  • Bulls Eye slot also offers fixed values of coins. You can play with the value of 1, 2 or 3.
  • You can also get an enhanced jackpot prize by activating all the pay lines.
  • Bulls Eye offers a bonus symbol. All you need to do is to play the maximum number of coins in a pay line. Once you do that, the bonus game will get activated.
  • There are several multipliers, which can double your payouts.
  • The currencies accepted at this slot are Euros, Pounds and Dollars.

Getting Started with Bulls Eye Slot!

  • First off, you can increase or decrease the value of the coin by using ‘+’ or ‘-’.
  • If you want to add another coin or pay line, then select on Bet One.
  • If you want to activate all the pay lines, then all you need to do is choose Bet Max.
  • Lastly, when you have adjusted all the settings, hit the Spin button. This will start the game.
  • If you end up with a winning combination, the payout will be given out according to the Regular Payout Schedule as stated by them.

The Various Symbols of Bulls Eye Slot!

Bulls Eye slot does not offer any scatter symbols, but it offers a bonus symbol. There are several other symbols, which offer winning combinations to help you win better payouts. Some of them include the Cherry, Bar, wild and the bonus symbol.

Bulls Eye Logo-The Wild Symbol!

Probably the most important symbol in the Bulls Eye slot is the wild symbol. The Dart Player is the wild symbol for this slot. If you strike a winning combination, then the payout will be doubled or quadrupled. The wild symbol has the unique feature of substituting itself with all the other symbols on the specific reel.

Spin-The Bonus Symbol!

Bulls Eye slot offers a bonus symbol, which is the Spin symbol. It only appears on reel three, so keep an eye out for that.

The Other Symbols of Bulls Eye Slot!

There are two more symbols, which offer extremely good payouts. One of them is called the Cherry. If up to three Cherry symbols appear in a particular pay line, then you’ll be entitled for a payout. The other symbol that you’ll come across often is called the Bar symbol.

The Final Verdict

If you’ve played darts before and liked it, then you’ve definitely hit the bull’s eye with this slot!

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