Butterfly Staxx 2 back with bigger promises? – Video Slot review

NetEnt has released a sequel to its hugely popular online slot game Butterfly Staxx titled ‘Butterfly Staxx 2’. While NetEnt has kept the latest release close to its predecessor’s overall gaming experience, Butterfly Staxx 2 does offer improvements by offering 5 reels, 40 paylines, a coin range from 25p to £1250, and compatibility for all types of devices.

NetEnt’s Butterfly Staxx 2 – At a glance:

Before we jump into a detailed look at the slot game, let’s take a quick look at Butterfly Stax’s slot info:
Number of Reels: 5
Paylines: 40
Minimum Bet: 25p
Max Bet: £1250
Jackpot: 50
Bonus Rounds: Up to 3

Visual experience and Wild Symbols
Similar to its predecessor, Net Ent’s Butterfly Stax 2 offers some soothing music as it’s background audio track, and the visuals used for this version are of high quality. The symbols used on the reels are A, K, Q, J and 10 card suites, along with 3 types of flowers and a glowing butterfly. The glowing butterfly symbol offers the most in terms of pays, by offering 2 times the stake if the player achieves 5 in a payline.
The wild symbol is the lotus flower symbol. There is a Scatter symbol as well, having it on reels 1, 3 and 5 would activate bonus features.

Re-spins feature
Butterfly Staxx 2 has an interesting feature that triggers an additional 3 rounds for the player to keep playing, and it’s called Re-spins. This feature is activated when the glowing butterfly symbols are all placed on a single reel. When this happens, then all butterflies would break free from their respective reels and travel to the leftmost reel. The glowing butterflies remain on the reels for a re-spin. Based on the outcome of the re-spins, the additional butterflies would get stacked on the left most reels, and if the left most two reels are covered with butterflies, then the slot screen breaks away into two screens and the re-spin feature gets activated for both the screens.
Now there’s another bonus round as well! If three reels are covered by the glowing butterflies, then the slot screen creates an additional third screen, in which all the screens would be activated with the re-spin feature. The wins can potentially be massive if the player hits all the three screens with the re-spin feature.

Hidden bonus features
The scatter symbols play an interesting role in this slot game, and that is they unlock two bonus features for the player to choose from. If the player hits the scatter symbols in reels 1, 3 and 5, then the player has to choose from two features – Butterfly Spins and Butterfly Frenzy.

Butterfly Spin – On selecting this feature, the player can see only one symbol across all the reel – Cocoon. The cocoons can either be active or dormant. Active cocoon combination would result in the cocoons transforming into butterflies, which make their way to the left reel(s). This feature can also be played on three slot screens.
Butterfly Frenzy – On selecting the Butterfly Frenzy feature, the player can pick up butterfly symbols and maximize their total potential win. The player can also play through 5 different stages, each stage having its own multiplier rate.

Video walk-through

Now let’s take a quick look at the features in action!
At 09:56, you can see the player activating the Re-Spins feature, and also see how the glowing butterflies move towards the left reel. At 10:07, you can see the glowing butterflies filling up the left two reels and the screen splitting into two mini screens. At 10:24, you can see the splitting into three mini screens.

Closing statements
NetEnt’s Butterfly Staxx 2 offers slot gamers an easy formula to follow – Just get as many glowing butterflies as you can! The new version offers higher payouts than its predecessor, and overall, playing Butterfly Staxx 2 was a fun experience. There are other options that offer a better return rate on your stake, but this slot game does entertain in terms of visuals and gameplay mechanics.

What are your thoughts on Butterfly Stax 2? Let us know on the comments below!

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