Cash Crazy Slot

Cash CrazyCash Crazy slot is one of the latest creations of Microgaming. As the name suggests, this slot is extremely popular for the possibility of winning huge rewards.

This is a one line and three reel classic slot that will still give you plenty of chances to form winning combos. This is an ideal slot for bettors who are looking for some real entertainment as well as big money at the same time!

Playing Cash Crazy Slot!

Cash Crazy slot has both free as well as the paid version. So, it’s a perfect slot to practice your slot playing skills before you can start playing with real money.

The coin denomination starts from 0.25 and can go as high as 50. It is possible to wager up to two coins for every slot.

The minimum and the maximum bet amount for this slot is 0.25 and 100 per spin. The jackpot amount is a whopping 1,600 coins. All the symbols are considered only from left to right.

Primarily, the currencies that are accepted are Euro and Dollars. You can use other currencies, but exchange rates will be applicable.

Crazy Professor-The Wild Symbol

Crazy Professor serves as the wild symbol for this slot. It can substitute other symbols and help you form winning combos.

The best part about this symbol is that it can multiply the earnings. If you’re able to land two symbols, then it doubles the payout, while three symbols multiply it by three!

You need to remember that only single winning combination is paid. In case of multiple winning combinations, only the one with the highest value is paid out.

Game Modes of Cash Crazy Slot!

There are two modes that exist in this slot. The first mode is known as the regular mode, which is devoid of any advanced features. This mode is meant for beginners.

The second mode is meant for professionals and has all the advanced features. The difficulty level is also on the higher side.

The Spins button in this slot will help you keep a track of the number of games. Spins 5x button gives you five spins back-to-back. The Spins 10x feature gives you 10 games!

Payout Schedule

The payout schedule states that you’ll be paid the maximum for two coins. It also varies from slot to slot. Some pay a lot, while others pay quite conservatively.

Depending on the symbols that you’re able to land, you’ll be paid for Crazy Professor, Seven, 3-Bar, 2-Bar, Cherries as well as 1-Bar.

The subsequent pay outs are 1,600, 200, 100, 50 and 40. This only applies if you’ve bet two coins per pay line. The minimum payout is two and four coins respectively if you land one Cherry at both coin levels.

The Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a simple and an entertaining slot, then Cash Crazy slot scores brownie points! A minimalistic theme, this slot is one of the classics. It also comes with a demo version, so that you can practice before you actually start playing. It has all features that a beginner would need!

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