Cash ‘n’ Curry Slot

Cash 'n' CurryCash ‘n’ Curry is one of the newest slots designed by Microgaming. This one line three reel slot is a classic slot, but has enough spunk to create winning combos.

Two of the most interesting features that make this slot intriguing are its Nudge and Hold features. The design of this slot is based on preparing Indian cuisines. A waiter serves up some interesting way to make money in this slot.

Overall, this slot is meant for those players with low to medium betting risk appetite! So, the risk levels are quite low as compared to some of the other slots out there. If you’re just getting started, then you probably need to consider Cash ‘n’ Curry slot.

Getting Started with Cash ‘n’ Curry Slot!

The jackpot is a whopping 2,000x multiplier.

The coin denomination starts from 0.10 and can go as high as 10 for every pay line. A maximum of 10 coins can be wagered for every pay line.

The minimum and the maximum amount that can be wagered for every bet are 0.10 and 10 coins respectively. The symbols pay from left to right. In case of any malfunctions in the slot, the play and the pay will be cancelled.

The Hold Feature

The Hold feature essentially means that the position of the reel will be held for the upcoming spin.

In case the hold gets activated, it will be displayed on the reel. This feature is random and the payout is treated as regular. The Hold feature is applicable for all three reels.

This feature can be cancelled for a specific reel, in case you want to select other reels in place of the existing reel.

The Nudge Feature

This is a random feature and helps a player to bump a reel and reveal the next symbol. There can be a maximum of four nudges for every reel. As soon as this feature gets activated, something called as Sneak Peak Arrows will get highlighted above the reels.

The nudge wins are treated as regular wins.

The Gamble Nudge Feature

Like other features, the Gamble Nudge is also random. It is able to award you with additional nudges. A red light flashes as soon as this feature gets activated.

These are treated as regular wins and get added to the tally of the final winnings. A Collect button will help you hold the nudge before using them.

The Amazing Bonuses of Cash ‘n’ Curry Slot!

The Cash ‘n’ Curry logo serves as the bonus symbol and activates the bonus round.

The bonus feature helps a player increase the winning by a neat 500x.

There are various other theme-related bonus games that you can play. Some of them are Big Gulp, Bombay Mix, Bhaji Bonus, Chicken Ticker, Curry Go, Rogan Dosh and many more.

All the bonus rounds are quite exciting! What’s more is that, it can also make you some decent money while at it.

The Final Verdict

If you like Indian cuisines, then Cash ‘n’ Curry slot will definitely spice up your gaming experience and make it even more entertaining and interesting!

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