Cherry Red Slot

Cherry RedCherry Red is an online slot, which is powered by Microgaming. Microgaming is able to offer some of the best visual effects and sound quality.

It has three reels and one pay line. It is a non-progressive slot, which offers a jackpot of $8,000 or 1,600 coins. You can bet a maximum of two coins per pay line. Though Cherry Red slot does not offer a bonus game, it does have amazing symbols and features that make the game quite exciting.

This slot has wild symbol and a multiplier feature, but it does not have scatter symbol or free spins. You can either play Cherry Red slot online or download it on your computer with the currencies that are accepted-Dollars, Pounds and Euros.

Getting Started with Cherry Red Slot!

Cherry Red is an easy and fun slot that offers an amazing theme with superb graphics. Whenever you play a slot, you’ll need to adjust a few settings so that you can make the most of it.

  • You’ll need to set the coin size first. You can increase or decrease the coin size according to your convenience by using ‘+’ or ‘-’.
  • If you want to add another pay line, then select Bet One. On the other hand, if you want to enable all the pay lines, then choose Bet Max. This is the option you need to select to compete for the jackpot.
  • When you’re done altering all the settings, select Spin to start the game.
  • If you’re able to score winning combos, then your winnings will be paid out as per the predetermined payout table.

The Various Symbols of Cherry Red Slot!

Cherry Red slot offers interesting symbols. Apart from the traditional symbols like Seven, 1-Bar, 2-Bar, 3-Bar and Bell, it also has wild symbol that can make you a lot of money. Cherry Red slot does not offer any scatter symbols.

Cherry Red-The Wild Symbol

Cherry Red is the wild symbol for the game. The unique feature about the wild symbol is that it will be able substitute itself with all the other symbols on the reels to complete winning combinations.

The wild symbol has the ability to double and quadruple your winnings. One Cherry Red on the screen can increase your winnings two times, while two Cherry Red symbols can increase your payout four times.

The Auto Play Option

Cherry Red slot offers the option of auto play as well. This is a great option that will let you set up the game up. You can select this option from the settings. All you need to do is set the number of spins, time between these spins and the number of pay lines.

Once all these settings are done, hit the Spin button. This is an optional setting and you can stop the auto play option any time that you want by clicking Stop.

The Final Verdict

Cherry Red is a classic, Vegas-style slot that has a minimalistic design. With an awesome jackpot of 1,600 coins and some great features, this slot is a great way to start playing the slots.

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