EGBA Launch New Consultation

Europe’s leading betting industry association the EGBA has announced a new consultation focusing on EU General Date Protection Regulation (GDPR). The consultation has been designed with the aim of helping the industry to develop a code of conduct on the issue.

EGBA say that they want to obtain the views of all Europe-based online firms, as well as other stakeholders, who will be given until February 25, 2020 to get their responses in.

The hope from the EGBA is to produce a code that will help online betting companies to comply with GDPR by developing guidance that will be specific to the gambling industry. The intention from the EGBA is that the Code will be applicable for all EGBA operators as well as non-EGBA firms although they will be required to adhere to the full requirements. The EGBA have also emphasised that adhering to their Code, will not remove the need for industry operators to comply with the GDPR or the other applicable data protection codes in their territories.

According to the EGBA, the code will be published in full on their website in the spring, and those who want to sign up to it will be able to do so from that point, although full details of how this process will work have yet to be revealed.

The consultation fits with the wider efforts of the EGBA to protect the interests of operators while addressing the negative public and political perception of the industry. This approach was evident in the way that the EGBA responded to the new proposals put forward for the future regulation of the  German betting industry. Although they raised concerns about some aspects of the proposals, they emphasised support for the progress that had been made. The rules were provisionally agreed by German regional bodies last week and will be discussed at a Presidents-Minister meeting in March.

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