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eggomatic-imageNet Entertainment has been enthralling players with some really exciting and fun-filled games over the years. They have used fairy tales, TV series, films, comic strips and many such inspirations for their games, making it all the more desirable.

However, there is no game as funny and bone tickling like the EggOMatic Video Slot game. The game surely makes you laugh in joy and gives you many reasons to smile when you play. Right from the introduction which is like a movie beginning to the final game and the jackpot, each aspect has been designed to perfection.

The game fulfils all requirements of an excellent slot game and it also promises a fun-filled time when you play. All this with a lot of money to be won is a deal you can’t resist!

The Egg Machine

The game revolves around a hi-tech egg machine that has been created by a rooster. The machine creates various types of metallic eggs. However, the rooster is in trouble when suddenly one day the machine stops working and he needs some help to get the eggs out. The rooster needs to catch the eggs to prevent them from breaking and keep them safe and sound.

‘Egg’citing Game Theme

This exciting theme is new in the slot game category and promises a lot of fun for its players. If you enjoy some good animation, this game will truly satisfy your game cravings. It has all the elements that are required for a great slot game and it makes your gaming experience an unforgettable one.

The various chickens and roosters come together on your screen to help the robot egg factory and catch the eggs. You will be surprised at the colours and the graphics used in the game. The music is soft and melodious, and makes you feel like spending more time with the roosters.

The Game Features

The game is a five-reel slot game with three rows and 20 pay lines. The EggOMatic produces four kinds of eggs and places them on the conveyer belt. The egg cracks open when it comes above a rooster on the reel and it opens to show the prize inside it.

The different eggs include Spin Eggs, Spreading Wild Eggs, Coin Win Eggs and Mysterious Surprise Egg. At the cracking of each egg, you have something different waiting to be won. If you open the Free Spin egg, you can win up to 50 free spins and get closer to winning more money.

The Surprise Egg is a colourful egg with a question mark on it. The Surprise Egg can turn into a free spin or even a Coin Win Egg and reward the player with the respective prize. The egg is extremely delightful and it is surely worth the wait!


EggOMatic is a non-progressive jackpot game, but offers a lot of money to its players. The maximum win is £10,000 from 10,000 coins. Players must play with the maximum stake to win this huge jackpot amount!

The more you play, the more you will win at EggOMatic. Also, with the company of the lovely roosters and the colourful eggs, your wins will be even more delightful.

Software Support

Since the game is powered by Net Entertainment, you can be assured of 100% superior quality in all aspects. Whether they are colours, sound, graphics or animation, everything is beautifully created to enhance user experience.

Net Entertainment has been known to create many slot games for different kind of players, but this is one game that anyone and everyone will surely like. It has a universal appeal and that’s what makes it such a big success!

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