Gambling Commission Takes Action

The continuing efforts of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) to clamp down on breach es of UK gambling rules saw a new development on Tuesday with another license suspension.

The UKGC have announced that the licence of gambling company International Multi-Media Entertainments Limited, which runs the lottery betting site, has been suspended with immediate effect from March 17. Citing failures in the company’s anti-money laundering and social responsibility practices, the UKGC have also announced that they will be carrying out a full review of the business, to establish the extent of the problem.

In a statement concerning the suspension, UKGC confirmed that their action was due to ongoing concerns over the firm’s ability to fulfil its obligations. They also said that customers of the site should have their funds and access protected:

“We have instructed the operator to ensure that it facilitates customers’ accessing their accounts to withdraw any funds and we remain in contact with them regarding the need for clear and updated messaging for consumers.”

International Multi-Media Entertainments Limited is officially registered in the Isle of Man. As well as the brand, the firm operates, although this website is not listed on the company’s UK licence. According to the Lottery Centre website, the chief executive of the company is Gloria Evans. She previously worked as chief executive at the Canadian-based lottery ticket reselling firm CW Agencies.

The action taken by the UKGC is the latest in a string of enforcement measures. Last week major European betting company Betway agreed to pay £11.6 million in lieu of a penalty following a UKGC investigation that found failings in the company’s VIP policies. UKGC has also taken action against several other companies with UK licences, at the same time as the Commission itself has come under pressure from politicians who are concerned about gambling industry practices.

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