Gaming1 Launches Safe Gaming Training

A leading European gaming operator has shone the spotlight on safer gambling, introducing a new training course designed to help its employees comply with responsibility issues.

Ardent Group-owned company, Gaming1, which supplies gaming and sports betting product, has announced the launch of a new responsible gaming course for all of its employees, in conjunction with the Gaming Clinic located at Brugmann University Hospital in Brussels.

Gaming1 defines its mission in the European gambling industry as aiming to provide the best responsible gambling experience to all customers across regulated online gaming markets.

In announcing the new course, Gaming1 say that given the presence of unregulated online operators throughout the European market, it was the responsibility of regulated companies to fight against gambling harm through the provision of a responsible and managed gaming environment.

Employee training is set to become a key element of that strategy to ensure that responsible gambling remains at the core of its business. To that end, they have set up a responsible gaming department that will be given the role of coordinating all related initiatives.

According to Gaming1, the aim of its partnership with the Brugmann University Hospital is to provide a contribution to behavioural research on gambling customers and to create training modules that are based on the needs of each separate job role within the company.

All of their employees have taken part in the first of their responsible gaming training modules, which will also be provided for all new employees as part of their initial training. The module covers the principles of responsible gaming and features information on the areas of governance, prevention and protection, along with general awareness for employees and customers. It also provides training on key indicators and an array of detection tools which can identify vulnerable customers.

Speaking about the new initiative, the Chief Executive at Gaming1, Emmanuel Mewissen, said that the legal gaming sector had a responsibility to protect players and fight against addiction:

“Today we want to be able to open your eyes and explain the dangers linked to excessive gaming. I would like everyone in our company to be aware of this issue and to work together to create a strong legal sector.”

Last August, Gaming1 launched a new set of artificial intelligence-powered gaming tools that are intended to monitor all customer behaviour and to identify early problem gambling signs. Those customers found to be at the highest risk level would then be provided with fast and comprehensive help from the in-house team of customer protection agents.

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