Gladiator Slot

Gladiator Slot was first launched in the year 2008 and after six years of its astounding success, the game still appeals to the gamblers. Over the years many improvements and changes have been made in this slot, but the craze has not dipped down one bit.

This game forced a major shift among regular online gamblers. A chunk of gamblers moved from Blackjack and Roulette to this slick, graphics heavy, engaging online game. The maker of this slot was Playtech. The latter did such an outstanding job of the initial launch that it was successful from day one of its opening.

Bonus Rounds

There exist a lot of opportunities for players to increase their earning. Under all the bonus rounds comes exciting features such as scatter symbols, multipliers, wild symbols and free spins. The two major bonus rounds that make this slot game exciting as ever Coliseum Bonus Round and Gladiator Bonus Round.

While the game is not as horrifying as the actual story of the gladiator, it is more of a boaster type of a slot game where most of the emphasis has been laid on ensuring total entertainment. Utmost care has been taken to eradicate some of the boring features of the typical slot games.

Coliseum Bonus

This bonus round is one of the most exciting features of this game. In order to enter the Coliseum Bonus Round, a gambler has to make sure that he hits three scatter symbols at any point on the five reels that are in action.

The Coliseum symbols depict the scatter. It is the next phase that is extremely interesting. As soon as the reels are hit by the scatter, a gambler is transported to a board which is thronged by tablets. The tablets on row one depicts the number of free spins a player has gained. Row 2 portrays the bet multiplier. The multiplier is capable of increasing the bet stake up to five times.

The fun part begins if a gambler manages to enter the third row. The latter portrays the bet multiplier of the bonus round. The multiplier can increase the earning of a gambler up to five times.

The fourth spin however is the most exciting one. If you manage to enter this round you are entitled to receive three extra spins. What’s exciting is that, this round can be retriggered if you manage to hit more than three triggers as the game commences.

 Gladiator Bonus

This is the next bonus round. If you are playing the progressive version, this round will be of special significance to you. The helmet symbol is the symbol, which acts as the wild card. This has the power to substitute the other symbol bars.

If the helmet symbol is hit more than thrice anywhere on the reels, a player is awarded with the gladiator bonus round. If you are plying the progressive version of the game, this round also gives you the chance to enter into the jackpot round and win the biggest stake of the game.

Once the round gets activated, a gambler is taken into a separate screen where he is presented with nine helmets of the gladiator. The helmets in this screen are made up of Silver, Bronze and Gold. The stake of the bet increases according to the helmets a player chooses.

For instance, a gold helmet increases the stake five times; silver does the same thrice, whereas a bronze increases the stake by only once. This means that a gambler can increase is bet stake up to 45 times. Along with this, a player also holds the chance of winning the jackpot.

Some Interesting Facts

While the statistics of the game changes fast, until date the highest winnings playing this particular slot type has been a staggering £2,015,367. This happened in the year 2013 and till date no one has been able to surpass this record.

The second highest winning is £536,935. This also took place in the year 2013. Thanks to the evolution of internet and other technologies such as Android and iOS, this slot game is also available in the mobile and tablet platforms. All you need to do is download the app and you can get started.

Best Platforms to Play Gladiator Slot

There are a lot of online platforms, which supports the game. You can try your hand in any of these to get started. Some of the more successful and popular gaming platforms, which has also been appreciated by gamblers across various geographies include Genting Casino and Bet365 casino.

Both the online houses have a very handsome welcome bonus. What’s more is that, a gambler is eligible for a second round of bonus on the second deposit he makes. The cash out time for both the games are less than or equal to 24 hours.

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