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The Hulk is the story of Bruce Morphs whose experiment with gamma rays goes wrong and he ends up turning into a muscle man whenever he is angry. This slot game, which is an adaption of the famous comic turned blockbuster movie, is the latest craze among gamblers across geographies.

This Playtech designed online slot game is not only incredibly entertaining, but also demands attention for its superb graphical display as well as sleek signage performance. Playtech has a reputation of creating some of the most successful online animated related slot games. The company did not disappoint with this one too.

The Game

The version designed by Playtech has two varieties-the slot with 25 lines and the slot with 50 lines. There is another version of the Hulk which was designed by InterCasino, however, that one is more old school. It is the crypt logic version and the graphics is nowhere near the one which has been designed by Playtech.

The Playtech designed version has no difference between the 25 and 50 lines as far as the gaming experience is concerned. The only difference lies in the maximum bet that can be achieved with both the versions. The maximum bet is higher in case of the 50 line version. Furthermore, the 50 line version gives a gambler to play the jackpot!

What Makes Hulk Successful

The Playtech version gives gamblers the option to play the 3D version of the game, along with surrounding music. It goes without saying that the 3D effect will literally bring out the Hulk into your room. This entertaining blockbuster slot ensures that people of all ages enjoy this game.

The Perks

The original slot of this game is a five reel one with a coin size that varies from $0.1 to $5. This is applicable for each 10 coins that are wagered. The jackpot can give you a handsome payout of 4,000 coins if a gambler manages to reach the round.

The maximum bet for both the 25 line as well as 50 line versions are $250 and $500 respectively. No wonder this slot game is one of the highest paying slot games ever produced in the history of slots.

 The Symbols

The symbols have been aptly chosen keeping in mind the theme of the game. Along with the icons of the game, the other eye catching symbols include the cars of the police, the Hulk, some radioactive symbols, helicopter logo and the Hulk logo. Along with this, there is also a special symbol for smash bonus. The colourful symbols surely give an extra vibe to this entertaining slot.

The Bonus Rounds

There are two bonus rounds that can be enjoyed by gamblers. The first one is known as the Hulk Smash and the second one is the Jackpot Round. We will explain in detail how both the bonus rounds work and what is its implication on the multiplier and the coin size?

To activate the bonus round, it is essential to get three hulk logos on the reel. No sooner that happens, then it activates the free games edition. The specialty of the free games edition is that it not only possess free spins, but it also holds a multiplier, which can make you richer up to three times your actual bet.

The round can be retriggered by replicating the three logos landing on the reels. The big prize for the free spins version is more than 12k coins, which is one of the highest extended by any game.

Bonus Feature

The smash bonus starts when symbols appear on reels 1 and 5. This sets the Hulk in motion and you get your green coloured friend in one of the rage modes. The task is not easy. A gambler needs to destroy at least three police cars out of a total of seven cars to stand a chance for winning cash rewards.

Destroying one helicopter out of the total three will let you win the multiplier. The multiplier as the gaming community knows is a very interesting feature of the slot. It increases the coin valuation and thus, the final winnings are automatically bigger than what you started with. The marvel mystery jackpot round has all the features as stated in the 25 reels version except that a gambler stands a chance to win the mega jackpot. In this version, a random trigger sets off the bonus rounds.

Where Can You Play

There are many platforms online where you can try your hands before playing the actual slot that involves money. Some of the more popular slot destinations for The Hulk are Slots Heaven, Ladbrokes, Casino Europa, and Omni among others. The bonus payout varies from £150 to £2,400. Most of these portals extend a joining bonus to its players. Other than this, a second bonus on the second deposit is also extended by a few online casino companies.

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